No culinary mastermind‘s pantry is complete without the powerhouse ingredient that is garlic. But before the fragrance of garlic transports you to foodie heaven, you’ve gotta find a way to peel back the layers of its tough exterior. In the words of Taylor Swift, it’s time to “Shake it off,” or, in the case of the Garlic Shaker, shake it up. This Kickstarter-funded gadget just doubled its funding goal and is ready to make your peeling predicaments a thing of the past with an ingenious and stylish way to peel garlic.


Peeling garlic with your hands and a knife can be slow, ineffective and even dangerous, and usually leaves your hands smelling pretty ripe for days. The Garlic Shaker requires no knife and works in three easy steps. First, you break up a head of garlic and drop the cloves into the Garlic Shaker before closing both lids. Then you release your pent-up energy by vigorously shaking the Garlic Shaker for 10 to 30 seconds. Afterward, pop open one lid and pour out its contents to reveal ready-to-use garlic cloves that are free of any skin.


You don’t even have to worry about tearing or shredding the garlic cloves when you shake them, because the Garlic Shaker has multiple impact points, which cause the garlic to rotate and shake inside while the skin is gently massaged off. Unlike pricey, pre-peeled garlic that has lost its aroma and health properties by the time you use it, the Garlic Shaker helps you maximize the health benefits of fresh, whole, perfectly intact cloves of garlic at an affordable cost.


The Garlic Shaker has an ergonomic design that is light enough to easily hold and shake, while its curved silhouette makes it an elegant addition to any kitchen cabinet or counter. In addition, the Garlic Shaker is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and BPA free, so you can ensure those pesky chemicals don’t find their way into your to-die-for pasta bolognese.

To start shaking things up in your kitchen, check out the company’s website to purchase a Garlic Shaker of your own in a variety of colors for just $19.95. See it in action below.

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(Photos and Media via Garlic Shaker)