The holiday season is officially the best time of year to be a foodie. We go straight from second helpings of turkey to dishing out our fave holiday desserts and finding ingenious ways to repurpose those leftovers. Almost as good as eating the food we love? Talking about the food we love. We’re sharing our fave foodie podcasts hosted by celeb food critics and culinary masterminds. Grab the kettle corn, sip on some hot chocolate and take a bite out of these 11 food podcasts.


1. Sporkful: Host of Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating It Wrong Dan Pashman serves his podcast one sporkful at a time. Each episode addresses a hyper-specific way of preparing and eating food, like the best way to eat string cheese, boil bagels or rank winter-themed desserts.

Good Food

2. Good Food: Culinary multitasker Evan Kleiman dishes on current events, history and culture, all through a foodie perspective. Not sure where to begin? Listen to her recap of the best cookbooks of 2014 or the most successful food Kickstarters.

Splendid Table

3. Splendid Table: Sit down at the table with food writers and personalities as they share their culinary stories and celebrate food. Each episode also includes a list of the recipes discussed on the show. Whether it’s wine or cheetos, there’s no food that The Splendid Table won’t tackle.

Spilled Milk

4. Spilled Milk: Hosts and adorable foodie couple Molly and Matthew mix food and comedy together as they explore a single ingredient each week. Thinking about incorporating bok choy into dinner this week? They got you covered. Wondering what to do with that leftover pumpkin spice? They have some brilliant ideas for you.

Talking With My Mouth Full

5. Talking With My Mouth Full: Talking with your mouth full is usually frowned upon, but not here. Hosts David Leite and Renee Schetler answer culinary questions, chat about their current food obsessions and discuss food fads. Our favorite episode tackles something we’re definitely guilty of: kitchen envy.

Dinner Party Download

6. Dinner Party Download: Put on those heels and that little black dress: You’re invited to a dinner party… online! This NPR podcast is broken into several acts that mimic a multi-course dinner party. Featuring celeb guests like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elisabeth Moss, this is one hilarious hour of culture, food and conversation you won’t want to miss.

Totally Beverages

7. Totally Beverages: A spinoff of the quirky and witty Totally Laime podcast empire, Psychic Andy and Intern Josh explore the world of beverages through experiments and debates. They choose a drink to make each week and the results are amusing. Take a swig of their root beer test or listen in on their multiple Coke tastings.

ATK Radio

8. America’s Test Kitchen Radio: Ever wonder what it’s like to work in a test kitchen? America’s Test Kitchen Radio shares an insider view on how test kitchens determine the best recipes, techniques and kitchen equipment. They also share their views on everything food, from Chinese home cooking to the secrets of gluten-free baking.

Alton Browncast

9. The Alton Browncast: Food Network’s multihost Alton Brown brings his chef friends to talk food and culinary science. Are you a fan of Cutthroat Kitchen? Be sure to check out the podcast episode when Alton meets with the show’s culinary brainteam to discuss life on set and their infamous sabotage challenges.

Wine for Normal People

10. Wine for Normal People: This podcast is all wine, without the attitude. Each week, the hosts start the podcast with one simple mission: getting you to drink better. Test your knowledge of aged wine or learn about the perfect temperature to serve wine by listening in.

Go Fork Yourself

11. Go Fork Yourself: Chef and crazy traveler Andrew Zimmern and fellow food lover Molly Mogren bring this hilarious (and hilariously titled) podcast to life. Tune in each week to hear them chat about the bacon craze or catch up on the latest dinner lingo.

What food podcasts are you drooling over? Tell us in the comments below.