These days, fans may know George Newbern best as Charlie on Scandal, but back in the day, he played Bryan MacKenzie in Father of the Bride and its equally charming sequel. It鈥檚 been more than 20 years since Father of the Bride II came out, but Newbern says there鈥檚 been talk about turning the duo of films into a trilogy. Apparently, there鈥檚 even a script for a third movie out there somewhere.

鈥淸Director] Charles Shyer wrote a script. I know there鈥檚 a script out there. And there鈥檚 talk,鈥 Newbern told Us Weekly in a new interview. He continued, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how far it got, but I鈥檓 sure most of the cast would be into it if the script was right. So maybe that鈥檚 just a question of that happening.鈥

He added, 鈥淚 have heard some [concepts] and they are pretty far out there. From what I heard it was pretty good and different and newsworthy.鈥

As for where we might see Bryan McKenzie and his in-laws, the Banks family, if we caught up with them now, Newbern said that his character, whose profession back in 1991 and 1995 was an 鈥渋ndependent communications consultant,鈥 would probably have 鈥渋nvested in a startup in the Silicon Valley because they are on the West Coast. And they probably live up in the Bay area. They [have] four kids.鈥

And maybe their kids have kids. Newbern told Us Weekly he thinks Bryan would 鈥減robably be a grandfather now. They had a kid [in the sequel] so [Bryan]鈥檚 probably got a grandkid at this point, I think. Or at least close to it. Or his daughter would be getting married.鈥

It sounds like he might be exactly where his father-in-law, George (played by Steve Martin), started out in the first film 鈥 which could be the perfect jumping-off point for a third movie. George would get to witness his son-in-law go through the same thing he went through.

This should probably definitely happen. And Newbern agrees. 鈥淭hey need to shoot a third one,鈥 he told Us Weekly. 鈥淲e need to do a third one. That would be great.鈥

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(photo via Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)