Why is it that our Libra friends always have the answer to the most stressful dilemmas? Whether it be love, work, or family issues, our Libra ladies always give the best advice. And they always seem to have their sh*t together at the same time. They are like a breathing, walking motivational quote. The balanced, grounded Libra in your life deserves a big thank you, especially on her birthday. Show her how much you love and understand her with one of these thoughtful gifts. We especially love all the jewelry that features the October birthstone, Opal.

1. Ringcrush Opal Earrings ($40): If your favorite Libra was born in the month of October, gift her a pair of earrings that will make her radiate during her birthday month.

2.聽broshechnaya聽Gustav Klimt-inspired Brooch ($10): Libras are all about balance, as is the set of symmetrical women maintaining balance in Gustav Klimt鈥檚 painting, 鈥淏eethoven Frieze.鈥 This brooch can be fastened to your bestie鈥檚 coat or even a knee-high sock.

3. mattercut Libra Tote Bag ($21): Your Libra lady will love toting around her fresh music finds from the record shop with this zodiac tote.

4. Urban Outfitters Mini Humidifier ($60): She鈥檚 an air sign and she covets beauty. This gift couldn鈥檛 be a more thoughtful fit. It鈥檚 a humidifier your Libra buddy can plug in at her desk to keep her skin misted and dewy.

5. Urban Outfitters Fleece Throw Blanket ($50): Libras constantly crave that comfy cozy feeling while curling up in bed listening to a gentle song lullabying her to sleep. This blanket is a soft piece for her to keep at home, or pull out on cold days at the office or in the car.

6. Ringcrush Raw Opal Ring ($35): Considered a lucky gemstone by many cultures, gifting an opal ring to your Libra dame might provide you both with good fortune, especially during her birthday month.

7. I鈥檓 Bookish and Bakewell Feminist Patch ($7): Whether or not your Libra is a Star Wars fan, it鈥檚 pretty special that she happens to be the same astrological sign as legendary Carrie Fisher AKA Princess Leia. Your BFF can stick this onto any accessory and feel the power of the Force.

8. KUKPO Colorful Measuring Cups and Spoons ($26): This gift is really obvious 鈥 Libra, balance, scales, you get it. You can make a joke about it in the birthday card. Nonetheless, it鈥檚 a gift your pal will actually use to measure, and it adds a peppy pop of color to her kitchen.

9. Mullein & Sparrow Balancing Face Mist ($36): Spoil your bestie on her birthday with the beauty supplies she might not be splurging on for herself.

10. Papier Beau Libra Constellation Print ($17): This dainty star print will be a welcomed addition to your Libra鈥檚 lair.

11. Sloane Jewelry Design Chevron Opal Cuff ($65): This gift is elegant, beautiful, and radiant. It looks nice with a snug pair of denim jeans. Just like your favorite Libra lady.

12. Astral Boutique Libra Mug ($15): This gift says, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a strong, powerful, sexy Libra.鈥 No card necessary.

13. Yeah Oh Greetings Kim Kardashian West Birthday Card ($4): Yes, while your Libra bestie has passed another calendar year, Kim has too. They are born in the same moon cycle, and that鈥檚 something you two will either gush over or laugh about. Either way, this card is just鈥 perfect.

14. Google Home Voice Activated Speaker ($130): When you and your Libra BFF are together, you cook dinner, talk all night, and might throw a spontaneous dance party. This speaker will not only fit the volume bill, but it will also play on demand.

15. Reed Diffuser Lavender Vanilla Scented Sticks ($56): If your Libra companion prefers a scented dwelling, give her the power to fill the air with sweet scents. If you鈥檙e shopping for a last-minute gift, this one is conveniently available on Amazon Prime.

16. Anthropologie Teak & Bottle Vase ($58+): The typical Libra prefers to dress her home with earthy substances like glass and wood. Gift her a pair of chic vases filled with her favorite kind of flowers.

17. TinyBox12 Opal Moon Ring ($24): This delicate ring will pair with any Libra鈥檚 style. It鈥檚 small enough to wear with a handful of big chunky rings, and pretty just shining on its own.

18. Anthropologie Cursive Candlestick ($32): Why does this elegant candlestick look so familiar? Libras will know the instant they see it. This set of golden candlesticks resemble a scale.

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