A perfectly practical solution for both you and your design-forward office + the grandmothers of the world who have misplaced their glasses, this gigantic calendar will tell you when IT’S OCTOBER (now, duh). This cheeky typographic timekeeper doesn’t say much, but it will never let you forget what month it is. When anyone asks about the date, just point to the wall and the calendar will shout the incomplete answer at them in capital letters.

Kidding, guys! It does actually have a regular little month (with dates and everything) laid out in the corner, so this super-sized, tear-off calendar is not just for decoration — it shouts the month and whispers the date, so to speak. The “It’s a Month” calendar was created by Brooklyn graphic designer Dave Dawson and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

You can pre-order this three-by-four foot beast for a $45 pledge. If they are successfully funded by the time IT’S (mid-) OCTOBER (they’ve still got a ways to go!), you’ll have this on your living room wall when… IT’S JANUARY.

Are you in to it? What’s your dream cal? Let us know in the comments!