First things first: There are a bunch of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life spoilers below, so stop reading now if you鈥檙e trying to avoid them! If you binge watched all four new eps and are looking for a way to commiserate now that you鈥檙e all done, read on.

There was so much to love about the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls. Luke and Lorelai鈥檚 magical wedding, quality time with our fave Stars Hollow folks, Emily and Paris being the baddest b*tches around and, of course, finally getting to hear those famous last four words. But there was a lot to get frustrated about. Namely: Rory Gilmore.

The smart, shy bookworm who was like an epiphany when you were a teenager is at a series of romantic and professional crossroads in A Year in the Life, and she鈥檚 handling them in ways that make us cringe so hard.

It鈥檚 not that she鈥檚 always been perfect 鈥 lest we forget this is the same Rory Gilmore who, in the original series, slept with her married ex-boyfriend (Dean), stole a yacht then got a little discouraged and dropped out of Yale, among other things. And while many of us have been through some version of the quarter life crisis, we can鈥檛 help but watch and think that her immaturity and selfishness are a total disappointment.

Basically, all we could think was: Rory Gilmore, get your sh*t together.

1. She鈥檚 a total jerk to her boyfriend. As the series opens up with the Winter episode, we learn that Rory has a boyfriend 鈥 and no, it鈥檚 not Logan, or Jess, or Dean. It鈥檚 some random dude named Paul. Paul is admittedly a tad forgettable, and while the Arrested Development gag of no one being able to remember his name or even meeting him is funny, the way Rory treats him really isn鈥檛. She repeatedly forgets plans with him, cheats on him with both Logan (more on this trainwreck later) and a rando one-night stand, and says more than once that he鈥檚 so forgettable that she 鈥渇orgot鈥 to break up with him. Heartless.

2. That whole Logan mess. It鈥檚 pretty quickly revealed that when Rory鈥檚 in London for work, she鈥檚 staying at her ex-boyfriend Logan鈥檚 place, continuing a secretive relationship of convenience. Why the secret? For one, Logan is engaged. And it doesn鈥檛 seem to bother either of them at all, except of course when Rory seems inconvenienced by not being able to crash there or when Logan can鈥檛 take her calls in the middle of the night. While there does seem to be genuine feelings between them, this is a relationship that鈥檚 going nowhere, and Rory keeps barreling self-destructively along, refusing to admit how much it鈥檚 holding her back.

3. She complains that she鈥檚 broke. Is she actually broke? How does she fly to London and back forty times a week? Why does she botch a paid writing assignment with GQ, avoid employers that want to work with her and willingly take an unpaid job manning the Stars Hollow Gazette if she鈥檚 so broke? Let鈥檚 be real: Rory comes from that Gilmore money and has never, and will never, know the concept of being broke.

5. And speaking of: Rory also has a mountain of places to stay for free while she鈥檚 back in Stars Hollow. She鈥檚 had a pretty okay career as a journalist so far that is STILL leading to acclaim and job prospects. And yet, she鈥檚 still spiraling, really revealing her lack of perspective, having never actually had to struggle for anything in her life.

6. 鈥淚鈥檓 not back!鈥 is what Rory constantly barks at locals who welcome her home, happy to see her back in Stars Hollow. You鈥檙e not better than Stars Hollow, Rory! And stop the denial! YOU鈥橰E BACK, OKAY?!

7. She throws a tantrum when Lorelai asks her not to write the story of their life. When Rory, at the suggestion of Jess, decides to write a book about her and her mom鈥檚 journey, Lorelai has reservations about putting details of her life on page. Rory doesn鈥檛 care and basically says she鈥檚 going to do it anyway. Way to be insensitive, kiddo.

Gilmore Girls

None of Rory鈥檚 behavior is unfamiliar territory 鈥 we know first hand what it鈥檚 like to act like a confused and entitled young adult. But Rory is now 32, and watching her wait for rescuing time and time again, failing to take responsibility for her life and actions, sorta felt like our role model was letting us down.

While there鈥檚 been no confirmation that there will be additional episodes, we can only hope that Rory鈥檚 series-ending pregnancy revelation would be a hard-earned lesson in growing up, taking charge and being the Rory Gilmore we all know she can be.

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