The “incredible, edible egg” is also the incredible, drinkable egg. At least we think so :) Those who want to build muscle often put raw egg in their protein drinks, and those who want some froth in their cocktails add egg whites to their beverages. We’re going with the latter today and making a shooter that not only has egg whites in it, but that’s also served in the shell! Our rose water gin fizz shots are delicious little flavor bursts that should absolutely make an appearance at Easter brunch.

 Makes about a dozen shots
 – egg whites from 1 egg

– 2 oz gin

– soda water

– 1 tsp rosewater + 2 tsp sugar

– 1 oz lemon juice

– 1 oz lime juice

– 1 oz half and half

 – halved eggshells

– egg cups


1. Add ice to your shaker.

2. Pour gin into the shaker.

3. Squeeze lemon and lime into the jigger and add it to the shaker.

4. Wash your eggs using dish soap and water.

5. Gently crack an egg — try to break it into even halves and be sure to reserve your eggshells to use as shot glasses.

6. Separate the egg whites from the yolk and reserve them in a bowl, then add them to the shaker.

7. Measure half and half and add it to your shaker, then add sugar and rosewater.

8. Put the lid on your shaker and shake it up!

9. Add each eggshell to an egg cup, then fill each one a quarter full with soda water.

10. Fill the rest with the cocktail.

Start out by filling your shaker with ice for nice cold shots. Then add two ounces of gin to the shaker. We used Tanqueray but any brand of gin will work.

Next, cut your lemon in half and then squeeze an ounce into your jigger. You probably won’t need more than one half of the lemon. Do the same with your lime. We needed the entire lime for an ounce. You’ll likely need to do the same unless you’ve got monster limes.

Okay, ready for the best part? Well, aside from drinking your concoction. First you need to wash your eggs. Give them a good rinse with some soap to make sure they don’t have any bacteria on their shells. Then gently tap your egg on a flat surface until it cracks. This should help you maintain the structure of the egg. Your goal is to break it into two even halves so that you can use each side as a shot glass.

Now pour the yolk back and forth between the shells and let the egg white fall into a bowl. Add the egg whites to your shaker and discard the yolk.

Add the cream, sugar and rosewater to your shaker (you can find rosewater at Middle Eastern markets or at Whole Foods. It smells great and adds a lovely hint of flavor). Then, pop the lid on your shaker and mix it up! Pour a wee bit of soda water into your eggshell, filling it about a quarter of the way. Then fill the rest of the eggshell with your gin mixture.

These little guys are delicate and delectable. Serve them up as an appetizer shot at brunch or as an after-dinner treat. Either way they’ll add a little pizazz to your Easter table.

Think they’re delicious? They don’t have to stay seasonal — ditch the eggshells and have an entire glass! Cheers!

What kinds of drinks are you serving for Easter? Will you try these? Tell us in the comments below!