You checked your freezer the other night, craving something sweet and hoping that you overlooked a frozen box of Girl Scout cookies lurking somewhere behind the ice tray from last year. But then you remembered — those cookies barely lasted a week in your household. Fear not! Girl Scout cookie season is finally upon us again. With each passing year, supporting the organization by purchasing a box (or 20) has gotten easier and easier. You can now purchase Girl Scouts cookies online, and they even have a cookie recipe contest if you’re feeling creative. This calls for a toast that would make even the most mischievous Girl Scout blush. So why not go for a boozy sip inspired by our favorite seasonal treats? Here are 15 Girl Scout cookie-inspired cocktails that are sure to earn you a mixology badge.

1. Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail: No Thin Mints were harmed in the making of this cocktail. In fact, no Thin Mints are in this cocktail at all — it just tastes exactly like the iconic cookie, thanks to the addition of peppermint schnapps and Kahlua. (via Chantilly)


2. Thin Mint Jelly Shots: If Thin Mints got dressed up to go to a wild house party, these jelly shots are what they would look like. The three-layer beauties, which you’ll definitely want to make ahead of time, will be the life of your St. Patrick’s Day party. (via Tablespoon)


3. The Dirty Girl Scout: Chocolate Mint Beer Float: Stout beer highlights the rich chocolate flavor in this Thin Mint-inspired beer float. It’s reminiscent of the old-school diner malted milkshakes you had as a kid, except this float is all grown up – just like you. (via The Beeroness)


4. Trefoil Old Fashioned: Looks can be deceiving, and from the looks of this cocktail, you’d never guess it tastes like a Girl Scout cookie. This spirit-forward drink gets its cookie-esque sweetness from brown sugar and a touch of butterscotch schnapps. That’s all it takes for this old fashioned to taste just like shortbread. (via The Daily Meal)


5. Boozy Samoa Latte: Here’s your new go-to weekend brunch drink. This spiked latte is just the treat you need after a long week. It’s got coffee, vodka and sugar. What more could you want? (via Real Housemoms)


6. Boozy Thin Mint Milkshake: This adult-only milkshake takes only four ingredients to make and is a MUST to share with your girls ASAP. St. Patty’s brunch, perhaps? (via Freutcake)


7. Samoa Jello Shots: Made with coconut water and vodka, these grown-up Jello shots are double batch-worthy. Just don’t forget to prep them in advance, since they need to be refrigerated overnight. (via Autumn Makes and Does)

8. Savannah Smiles Lemontini: A Savannah Smile is basically lemonade in cookie form, so it’s fitting that this Savannah Smiles lemontini is a lemonade-based cocktail with a powdered sugar rim. This lighter take on a cookie-inspired concoction is a welcome break from all the chocolate cocktail recipes out there. (via All Parenting)

9. Spiked Do-Si-Do Milkshake: It’s some kind of sorcery that Frangelico and Chambord taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whip these up for an adults-only after-dinner treat, or leave out the booze and serve ’em to the whole family. (via Serious Eats)


10. Naughty Girl Scout Cocktail: When a drink takes just three ingredients and five minutes to make, it might just become your go-to for a DIY happy hour. Add a sprig of mint to take your cocktail garnish game to the next level. (via Love Bakes Good Cakes)


11. Samoa Martini: This Samoa martini is straight-up dessert in a martini glass. Don’t skip out on the toasted coconut and full cookie garnish. (via Wine and Glue)


12. Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Shots: Finally! Someone’s figured out how to fit a cookie in a shot glass. Malibu rum, caramel vodka and half and half make for a great Samoa impersonator. (via Kelly Bakes)

13. The Samoa: This cocktail doesn’t mess around. The recipe calls for homemade caramel, but if you use a store-bought version, no one will be the wiser. (via A Hollow Leg)


14. Thin Mint Oreo Bailey’s Irish Cream Milkshake: You might not realize you’re drinking something boozy when indulging in this shake, but then you’ll get a nice little kick from the Bailey’s. It strikes a nice balance and makes it go down nice ‘n’ easy — not that we need encouragement. (via Culinary Concoctions by Peabody)


15. Tagalong Bourbon Shakes: Let it be known: This is NOT a milkshake. There’s no added milk here. Just pour some bourbon in your chocolate peanut butter ice cream, add some Tagalongs and blend. Ta-dah! (via Pass the Sushi)

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