When it comes to outfitting ourselves for a GNO, it’s fun to bend the rules a bit. Without the nerves and romantic pressure that comes with a date night, you can feel free to cut loose and toss inhibitions to the wind, break out the neon and the dramatic cat eyeliner and kick it with the BFFs who’ll claim you, no matter what kind of craziness you have on. Along with a little Miley Cyrus throwback, we recommend these items from the B+C Shop to get you ready for your big night out!


1. Chloe Foldover Wristlet ($215): You’re gonna light it up with this fold-over wrist candy. Who said yellow is just a daytime color?


2. DIY Fringe Clutch Kit by Rebecca Minkoff ($79): This sleek & flirty leather clutch is sure to be a conversation piece wherever you go, so go ahead and practice saying, “Thanks, I made it!”


3. Semara Carryall Clutch ($44): With a touch of the wild side, this clutch is just the right size for your makeup, camera and other necessities.


4. City Envelope Clutch and Tablet Sleeve ($200): This envelope-shaped clutch with functional lock and key is just all kinds of adorable. It’s proof that cute and sophisticated CAN go hand-in-hand.


5. Roller Girl Nail Polish ($18): We’d usually say to choose a nail color that complements your outfit, but this glitzy fuchsia nail polish is so good, you might just plan your outfit around it.


6. Dakota Necklace ($68): If ever there was a time for bold jewelry, it’s when you’re out with the girls. Take a shot at this dramatic necklace made from bullet casings and natural stones, which kinda-sorta resemble lipstick tubes, come to think of it…

N_Rise_and_Shine_YLW_M (1)

7. Rise & Shine Necklace ($170): You can pair this necklace with a simple top or jumpsuit and still look fru-fru. It’s a dynamic touch to any outfit, and won’t make you feel overdressed.


8. Diamond Slice Earrings ($79): If it’s the “effortlessly cool” look you’re channeling, these will more than do the trick. They have a dramatic, confident shape, but are made from simple, skinny brass.


9. Swarovski Crystal Square Earrings ($36): Girl’s night out is the perfect dress-up occasion to wear these beauties. You’ll be catching eyes around every corner.


10. Adele Bangle Set ($30): Stack ‘em on high now — don’t be shy. These bangles bring a youthful kiss of rose gold color to your ensemble.


11. Snake Ring ($42): Bring the bling with a serpentine ring that says you’re mysterious and feisty.


12. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): You’ll thank us when you don’t have to ask a different stranger to take a group pic every five minutes.


13. Backup Mobile Charger ($30): There’s no telling how late this night could go. When it comes time to call an Uber and everyone’s phone is under five percent, you can be the prepared one.

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