As a new parent, you鈥檙e supposed to keep track of a ton of things. How much did your baby eat, how long was each feeding, when was the last time you changed their diaper 鈥 the list can go on forever. It can be overwhelming to someone who鈥檚 operating on regular amounts of sleep, but when you鈥檙e dealing with a newborn, we all know that sleep becomes a luxury. Good news! There鈥檚 a new app launching today that wants to help. Meet Glow Baby (Free on iOS and Android).


Glow Baby is the latest creation by the same folks who brought you the fertility tracking Glow app (free on iOS and Android), as well as the pregnancy tracking app Glow Nurture (free on iOS and Android) and all-around sexual health app Eve by Glow (formerly known as Ruby, free on iOS and Android). It鈥檚 the app that鈥檚 gonna be your BFF during your child鈥檚 first year.

Pediatricians often tell parents to track things like milestones, and the app gives you a checklist 鈥 provided by the CDC 鈥 to keep track of when your baby is hitting each one. Other features include a breast feeding timer that lets you monitor how long your baby feeds on each side. That鈥檚 certainly going to come in handy. In case you鈥檙e bottle feeding, the app also has a tracker that lets you count how many fluid ounces your baby is consuming.


You can also log your baby鈥檚 weight and growth, as well as use a symptom tracker for when your little one is feeling ill. The symptom tracker even lets you indicate the texture of your baby鈥檚 stools or the color of their bodily fluids. (Parenting is kind of gross, you guys.) Based on what you input, the app will give you an idea of what might be going on, and will let you know if you need to call the doctor right away or just keep an eye on things.

The best part? All the milestones and diagnostic prompts are pediatrician-approved. The company partnered with author of Baby 411 and leading pediatrician Dr. Ari Brown to advise on the new app. 鈥淎s a pediatrician, I want parents to access accurate, useful advice that empowers them instead of causing undue anxiety,鈥 said Dr. Brown.

Have more than one baby crawling around your home? You can add multiple babies (in case of twins or more!) and register multiple caretakers. Your partner(s), babysitters and mother-in-law are all empowered to log your baby鈥檚 stats in this handy app. Even better, Glow Baby has a community feature that allows you to share and connect with other new parents, so you know you鈥檙e definitely not alone in this.

All in all, for a sleep-deprived parent, this app might be a total godsend.

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