Alert! Gmail just made it even easier to unsubscribe to the dozens, hundreds, thousands of subscriptions clogging up your inbox. Sorry, Banana Republic, I really just signed up for your newsletter to get free shipping that one time. Thanks for the sweater and all… but I think we’re done here.

Ready?! Open up an email newsletter you’re ready to say buh-bye to. See the top left corner where it shows the organization’s name and email, and underneath it says “to me” next to a little box with a triangle in it? We circled it in yellow above so you can’t miss it! Click that little triangle and a box will open up. In it, there’s a line that says unsubscribe with a link that reads “Unsubscribe from this sender.” You guessed it: click it, baby!

Once you click, another box pops up to give you a second chance. Stick to your guns and press that blue Unsubscribe. It’s that easy! No need to go to the website and fill out a survey about WHY you don’t want to receive the emails anymore. Just. Three. Clicks. I feel lighter already.

Bonus! Some newsletters will even have the Unsubscribe button already in the top left corner, next to the sender’s name and email address. And we thought it couldn’t get any quicker than one click.

If you’re not ready for the complete Unsubscribe Kiss of Death, invite to the cleaning party if you haven’t already. This helpful site promises to clean up your inbox and we can promise you that it really works. zooms through your emails to detect subscriptions and will ask you if you want to unsubscribe or put them into a “Rollup.” Sorry, not of the fruit variety, but this Rollup is just as sweet! It’s a little bundle-o-emails that organizes your subscriptions into a daily batch you can peruse once a day. It’ll even email you occasionally to be like, “Hey, we detected more subscriptions, do you want to add them to your Rollup?” It saves us from ourselves and from the sneaky automatic emails that creep into our inbox so we can focus our spring cleaning elsewhere. Like our maker space. Mmm.

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