When you see a new email pop into your inbox, it can cause instant stress. It’s usually just another item to add to your to-do list, and everyone knows that list is already long enough. You’ve used many successful people’s email hacks to become the master of your inbox and cut down on emails — so why would you want to willingly add to them? Well, what if we told you there are ways to find some fun, inspiring content through email newsletters, which have been making a serious comeback? If you’re a busy creative type, scroll through for eight newsletters you’ll actually LIKE seeing arrive in your inbox!


1. Jocelyn K. Glei: This writer focuses on people who do creative work, so naturally, she sends out a weekly newsletter featuring “thought-provoking links, articles and book recommendations on how to be more creative and do work that matters.” It’s chock-full of must-read inspiration, whether you’re just breaking into your industry or you’re an old pro. (Image via Jocelyn K. Glei)

2. My Morning Routine: We all know a morning routine has the ability to make or break your creative habits. That’s why My Morning Routine asks the world’s most successful and interesting creatives about theirs. Subscribe to get the best of the best delivered straight to your inbox every Wednesday.


3. Brain Pickings: This one’s a “free weekly interestingness digest.” We like the sound of that. Covering everything from creativity to science to philosophy, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest every week. (Image via Brain Pickings)

4. The List: Here’s one specifically for the #girlbosses (AKA all of you) out there: A curated list of the best things that women are creating and accomplishing.


5. Braid Creative: Letters for Creatives: This newsletter is a little different from the others in that it’s not a list of links to awesome content, but instead, the two #girlbosses behind this creative consultancy business send super personal letters every week. They share what creative work topics have been on their minds, and dole out some very poignant advice. (Image via Braid Creative)

6. Exposure: Weekly Selects: Exposure is a platform where photographers (pro and amateur!) can post photo stories to share with their networks. Once a week, the company sends out a newsletter with the most creative, awe-inspiring stories its users have posted. Perfect for a little visual inspiration!


7. Think Clearly: This newsletter gives you weekly exercises that’ll help you start thinking differently about your own creative process. And there’s a special twist: Every newsletter is handwritten, which gives it a lot of extra personality.

8. Ways We Work: From designers to writers, this website profiles creatives in a really unique way, getting into the nitty-gritty of how they do the work they do. Ever wondered how the VP of design at Buzzfeed manages his emails? Subscribe to this newsletter and find the answers to questions like that every week.

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