If you’re planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon, you know how stressful and potentially expensive it can be. Even beyond the dollars and cents, all those items and operations add up to quite a bit of waste. So on your big day of love, show the earth some TLC by doing things the eco-friendly way. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some awesome tips and DIYs below to help get you started.


1. Send Seed Paper Save the Dates: Instead of purchasing regular save the date cards, buy seeded paper invites. They’re usually recycled, plus all your guests get a little bonus bloom. (via DIY Network)


2. Or Send eCards: Cut down on paper (and cost) drastically by forgoing traditional wedding invitations in favor of evites. With such a wide variety of graphic styles available, you’re certain to find one that still matches your dream theme. (via Paperless Post)


3. Sign Up With a Green Registry: When registering for your gorgeous home decor, try to pick a store (or items) that were made sustainably. (via Green Bride Guide)


4. Purchase an Eco-Friendly Gown: You should never have to sacrifice for your perfect dress, but with all the eco-friendly styles available, you won’t have to. (via Dress for the Wedding)


5. Tighten Your Guest Count: The biggest way to cut down on waste at your wedding is by chopping that guest list in half. It may not be easy, but you’ll save on everything from food to chairs when you’re able to avoid inviting your fourth cousins and their boyfriends. (via Intimate Weddings)


6. Find All-Natural Cosmetics: We may not consider it, but all that makeup we put on (in our daily routine and on our big day) can really soak into our skin. That’s why it’s best to use all-natural beauty products so you glow from the inside out. (via Organic Beauty Blogger)


7. Use Washable Dishware: Instead of throwing away plastic forks and paper knives, invest (or rent) some dinnerware you can wash. Bonus points if you give everyone their own Mason jar to use for drinks throughout the whole night. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)


8. Hire a Local Caterer: Local caterers will emit less waste traveling to your destination and may be more likely to serve local, organic food items (if not, try requesting it). Plus, when you shop local, it’s helping your entire community . (via Wedding Chicks)


9. Make a Paperless Menu: There are tons of great ways to showcase your menu that don’t involve cardstock. So whip out a vintage window or wood pallet and craft a menu made with love. (via Dove Wedding Photography)


10. Hire a Local Florist: Not only are local florists easy to access, they also usually grow toxin-free, seasonal flowers. This means less time, money and energy spent delivering exotic flowers from Peru to your hometown. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Reuse Ceremony Flowers: All those gorgeous decorations that adorn the aisle at your ceremony? Don’t let them go to waste. Ask your florist to reuse them for centerpieces or other decor at your venue. (via Mod Wedding)


12. Decorate With Mason Jars: Instead of purchasing ridiculous use-once vases, borrow vintage or Mason jars from family and friends. Not only is this eco-friendly, it adds an extra layer of love and family history to your perfect day. (via Knotsvilla)


13. Make Paperless Escort Cards: Another cool way to cut out paper? Make escort cards that are all-natural and biodegradable. (via Southern Weddings)


14. Throw Bird Seed: Instead of having your guests throw confetti in celebration, have them throw bird seed. It’s a quirky, unique way of celebrating that includes no necessary cleanup (as long as you’re outside). (via Shea Christine Photography)


15. Gift a Plant: Instead of gifting a plastic doodad with your new last name on it, how about giving your guests a plant to take home? It’s the gift that gives year-round. (via Intimate Weddings)


16. Give an Edible Favor: If you’re not a plant person, you can always offer guests an edible gift. It’s something that they will consume and, if you’re feeling extra motivated, it could be something you made yourself! (via Loverly)


17. Arrange a Tree Planting Ceremony: Planting a tree isn’t just a beautiful addition to the environment, it’s a beautiful symbol of the growth of your relationship. So. Much. Love. (via Professional Celebrants)

Would you go green for your wedding? Any ideas we missed? Let’s chat in the comments below!