While we were getting ready for our Golden Globes viewing party, the celebs were getting ready for the actual event. You used to have to wait for the red carpet to see who was wearing what, now it’s all over Insta! It’s always fun seeing how the famous folks prep for elegant evenings like the awards shows, so we tracked down the beauty routine of the nominees and presenters and, you know what? It is kinda actually similar to ours (all the makeup and all the selfies, naturally).


1. Lena Dunham: The star of Girls sent out a shot of one of her best girls before they hit the carpet.


2. Reese Witherspoon: Donuts are appropriate for Golden Globes prep or really any day, girl.


3. Heidi Klum: The supermodel and her glam squad made it work in the mirror.


4. Giuliana Rancic: The E! red carpet host posted a glamorous selfie before interviewing all the stars on TV. Are we jealous? Maybe a little.


5. Jennifer Lopez: After hitting the makeup chair and getting glammed up, the singer and American Idol judge snapped a selfie in the limo on her way to the awards show.


6. Lorde: The singer got snapped in the mirror before heading out to the awards ceremony looking like a royal.


7. Jennifer Aniston: The hair stylist to our favorite friend snapped a shot of the blonde bombshell’s hair prep.


8. Laura Prepon: Sitting in the makeup chair is definitely better than a prison bunk. Right, Alex?


9. Chrissy Teigen: Looks like John is a winner no matter what tonight.


10. Danielle Brooks: The actress also known as Taystee got sassy in her makeup selfie shot.

11. Kelly Osbourne: The E! red carpet crew posted a snap of what goes into hosting the celeb arrivals event.


12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: The Veep gets glam for one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.


13. Leslie Mann: Judd Apatow snapped a hand mirror selfie in the limo of his gorgeous wife before the couple hit the red carpet.


14. Ryan Seacrest: The host of everything snapped a shot of the pre-pro that goes into the live E! red carpet. Looks like a late night study sesh to us.


15. Seth Meyers: It seems like the host of Late Night was so excited to see Michael Keaton he took this selfie not realizing it was just the birdman’s place setting.


16. Jessica Chastain: The Globes nominee woke up to a chocolate statue. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come tonight.


17. Jamie Dornan: The Fifty Shades of Grey star hung out with his place setting. Because why not.


18. Naya Rivera: The Glee actress got caught taking a selfie in the limo on her way to the show.


19. Gina Rodriguez: The Jane the Virgin actress has everything she needs for the big event, including the ticket to her possible award.


20. Kate Hudson: The glamourous life of a working mom, having leftovers before a big awards ceremony.


21. Lupita Nyong’o: The Oscar winner was so pumped for the ceremony she snapped a shot of her tickets.


22. Mark Ruffalo: Looks like limo selfies are the new mirror selfies.


23. Uzo Aduba: The Orange is the New Black actress runs on Dunkin’. At least while getting ready for the Globes.


24. Katherine Heigl: The State of Affairs star hit the chair so her glam squad could get her ready for the show.

Who’s behind-the-scenes Golden Globes prep do you wish you were joining? Let us know in the comments.