In a surprising turn of events, mega Internet giant Google announced that they will start blocking websites that use deceptive tactics to make money, or otherwise trick people into doing what they want. For example: ever been on a website looking for a sale, item or download? Ever click a button that you think is what you need, only to find out it leads you to a third-party site offering a sale or promo you weren鈥檛 expecting or, worse, a sticky site that infects your computer with adware? Yeah, Google鈥檚 gonna block that.

Computer problems

This new feature will be rolling out via Google鈥檚 Safe Browsing Tech, which you鈥檝e probably encountered before in the form of a pop-up notification that says that the site you鈥檙e visiting might harm your computer.

Since you鈥檝e probably seen this image before, you鈥檙e probably thinking, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 new about this?鈥 Well, for starters, Google isn鈥檛 just protecting you from sites that are full of malware 鈥 they鈥檙e using the Safe Browsing Tech to force companies that use deceptive tactics to change up their devious ways.

This will affect some giants out there, like CNET and Sourceforge, and could also become problematic for webmasters who don鈥檛 necessarily have full control over third-party ad servers. But it鈥檒l also, hopefully, save a lot of us from inadvertently doing things we didn鈥檛 want to do 鈥 like download some random software update or click through to an advertorial on the new pajama jeans.

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