The status is still TBD on whether Google Glass can cut it as an everyday fashion accessory (the verdict remains out over its general wearability, too). But it seems like the smart headset has *actually* found favor with an even more unlikely audience than style’s major players: the beauty set. And like curling irons, sharp shears and makeup brushes, Glass is proving to be an indispensable beauty tool in a truly innovative way: linking your stylist’s skills and your ability to DIY the look like never before.

This past week at the start of New York Fashion Week, Yves Saint Laurent makeup artists donned the wearable as they prettied their clients to show how Glass can be used to create next-level beauty tutorials. Recorded from a cosmetics specialist’s POV, the videos — just like the one below — show every step the stylists takes as the makeup is being applied, from foundation to final cat eye flick. The resulting content is emailed to you as soon as you leave the chair, and ready for replay so you can nail the very same beauty routine at home, step-by-step. That means in a world of Glass-ified consultations, you can actually revel in the pampering rather than stress over trying to remember the tricks used to give your skin a Lupita-level glow. Google Glass FTW (finally).

While the FOMO over all-things NYFW is real, you won’t have to sort this experience with missing Miley’s bonkers art show and witnessing three brand-new wearables make their runway debuts: The YSL x Glass demo is slated to roll out at select YSL makeup counters across the country. Exact dates and locations have yet to be released — join us in crossing your fingers that it will be in time to preview + perfect our holiday makeup looks to look a little more like YSL spokesmodel Cara D as we ring in 2015…

Would you sit in on a Google Glass makeup consultation? What other ways would the wearable be helpful in the beauty realm? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

(h/t PopSugar)