Graduation season is in full swing, which means in a few weeks you’ll be starting your summer internship, working your dream job or taking a gap year to travel the world. Whatever you’ve got planned, it’s nice to be reminded that with the end of one adventure comes the beginning of a whole new one. If the thought of growing up starts to feel a little overwhelming, remind yourself that #adulting isn’t so bad with a well-placed quote on your wall, mirror, phone background or wherever you think might help. From iconic story book characters to wise gurus, these 16 uplifting quotes about what the future has in store are words you’ll want to take to heart.

mary poppins

Take note of these words from your favorite childhood film. By graduating, you’re proving that you have what it takes to rise to the top. Now it’s up to you to decide what to do with all that you’ve got.


All it takes is a little *confidence* to make your dreams into a reality.


If you’ve ever felt really certain about something, don’t brush it off. It might just lead to the path you’ve been destined for.


You hear it all the time from those older and much wiser: “Don’t settle.” It might be wise to really listen.


It’s no secret that the real world isn’t rainbows and butterflies. But, just because others aren’t a shining beacon of light doesn’t mean you should let your light dim out. Keep that inner brightness shining!


Everyone makes mistakes and there’s always going to be uncertainty about the future. So don’t waste time dwelling on it! Focus on the present and everything you have to offer now.


You won’t truly be happy until you’re living the life *YOU* want. You do you, boo.


Everyone gets to where they’re going in the end — just remember to stop and smell the roses on your way there.


Your dreams are every bit as unique and wonderful as you are. Nurture them and you’ll soon be on your way to achieving them.


Professor Dumbledore always did know best. As gifted as everyone may be, it is their choices that determine their overall sense of character.


This classic Gandhi quote is truth at its very core. If you want to see change, you have to actively participate in it!


Don’t let the dreams themselves take all the credit. YOU have the power to drive your dreams farther than you’ve ever dreamt.


Have a little faith in yourself. If you’ve got the means, there’s no stoppin’ you!

sun tzu

Every single marathon run began with a single step. Same goes for chasing goals.


It’s not always easy going after what you want. But, when you do rise against the odds, the outcome is always worth it.


Money only gets you so far. It’s when your heart is in the equation that everything changes.

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