Grey’s Anatomy just aired its last episode of 2018, and the stormy fall finale was full of cliffhangers — almost all of which took place in elevators. Because nobody does elevator drama better than Grey’s.

As a major storm blew into Seattle, the hospital was overwhelmed with patients and other problems — such as electrical outages. As the power surged, several elevators got stuck, not only heightening pivotal plot points, but also underlining just how good this show still is at elevator scenes even 15 seasons in.

In one elevator, we had Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and surgical resident DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), the latter of whom had just professed his feelings for Dr. Grey. Their earlier exchange was full of chemistry, and we were left to wonder what might happen with them trapped in close quarters. Given their steamy (dream sequence) scenes at the beginning of the season, we’re guessing it might not remain strictly professional for long.

Meanwhile, after Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) stepped back up to the plate as chief of surgery, she found herself stuck in an elevator — with a dead body and a young intern, no less.

But those weren’t even the most high-stakes elevator cliffhangers. After keeping her pregnancy a secret from Owen (Kevin McKidd) all season, Teddy (Kim Raver) finally spilled the beans on Thursday’s episode. Naturally, she ended up in an elevator with Owen and his sort of on-again wife Amelia. The tension was palpable — Amelia knew something was up, but the episode ended before we could see how it would be resolved.

“These are three adults. They are not juveniles,” McKidd, who directed the episode, told EW of the intense finale. “Elements of everything happen in the next episode. There are moments of confusion and anger, there are moments of being real adults and trying to figure out the best path forward. There are moments of real high emotion.”

So far, Grey’s Anatomy has not announced a date for the 2019 return of season 15 — but you can bet we’ll be watching to see what goes down.

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(photos via ABC/Mitch Haaseth)