One of the greatest joys of summer is the beloved grill and all of the barbecue goodness that comes with it. And one of the greatest sorrows is having to clean it. Okay, so maybe we’re being a little dramatic, but you understand, right? The last thing anyone wants to do post-picnic or party is have to pull up their sleeves to scrub and scrape dirty grates. Luckily, we live in a world where life’s daily chores are becoming easier to tackle (thanks, technology!), and grill-cleaning is one of them.

Meet Grillbot: the world’s first automatic grill-cleaning robot. It’s like a Roomba, but instead of roaming your floors, it scoots around your grill with its brass-knuckle brushes. All you have to do is press one button and your new tiny clean freak will do the rest. Here’s how it works: You’ll place the Grillbot on your grill, press the start button and set a desired amount of time you want it to clean (10, 20 or 30 minutes). Then, you sit back and let it do its thing.

The Grillbot was born when former real estate agent Ethan Woods was scrubbing his grill one day. He decided he’d try something out and attached a wire brush to a power drill. After two years of working with numerous engineers from California to China, Woods finally perfected the prototype of his BBQ-cleaning creation and the Grillbot was born.

The Grillbot has a built-in LCD that let’s you choose between a light or deep clean. It has a CPU chip, which helps control its movement, speed and direction, basically allowing it to think for itself. And when it’s all done doing your dirty work, an alarm will go off to let you know. When it comes to cleaning the Grillbot, it’s almost as easy as the machine itself. The wire brushes pop right off and are completely dishwasher safe, meaning you can have one of your other kitchen gadgets take care of cleaning this gadget for you.

Each Grillbot comes with a rechargeable battery pack, charger and three replaceable brushes. It comes in four colors — red, orange, blue and black — so you can match your robot to your grill if you so please. The Grillbot is available to pre-order for $120 right now. We’re just hoping it arrives in time for all of your summer rituals.

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