The greatest grilling holiday of the year is just a little over a month away. And that’s just enough time for you to get the grill of your dreams, perfect your burger and bratwurst recipes and impress the pants off your friends when Memorial Day rolls around.

But maybe you want options as to where this is all going to go down. You might want to have that cookout at the beach, or in a park — or on a freaking mountain top if you feel like it. Well, we’ve got the grill that is going to make all of your portable wishes come true, and it’s called Grilliput.

Big enough to cook a meal for four people and small enough to throw in your backpack, Grilliput allows you to saddle up on your bike and ride to your dining destination, no problem. More compact than your set of grilling tools, the self-contained cooker looks like a stainless steel piccolo when stored away.

All of you reedless, wind instrument fans might find that a turn-on.

19 pieces make up the grill, and we’re not going to lie. The first couple rounds of assembling are going to take a little while. But after you’ve wrestled with it three times, you’ll be able to put the German-engineered metal together in under five minutes. Another big bonus: It’s dishwasher safe. Hurrah.

To use Grilliput, you’re going to need to pair it with its fire-breathing companion, Fire Bowl. Just like Grilliput, its aesthetics are simple and elegant to satisfy all the minimalists out there. And no matter if you’re a fan of charcoal or wood, this baby will safely fire up whatever you favor. You can even travel with your coal and wood right in the collapsible bowl. When opened for use, the design provides shelter from the wind and radiates heat upward for some decreased cooking times.

The duo isn’t just reserved for city slickers. Grilliput weighs in at 20 ounces and the standard Fire Bowl (there’s an XL option as well) comes in at 10 ounces. While it might be a little too heavy for serious backcountry campers, it’s definitely doable for car campers or a backcountry gourmand who’s willing to bare the burden to have that medium-rare filet mignon.

You can grab your own Grilliput and Fire Bowl on Amazon, selling for $28 and $13, respectively.

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