Long(er) hair, don’t care. Actually scratch that, I definitely do care.

If you’ve been following my journey of growing out a man bun you have for sure noticed that I’ve not only learned the various ways for taking care of my growing locks, I’ve actually embraced the task. From using clips to train my naturally curly hair to incorporating a variety of hair products into my routine, I’m starting to come into my own as my hair’s personal care provider.

Guess that’s what a month of tress accountability will do to a guy.


This week I’m sharing a tip I learned from LA-based hairstylist, vlogger, brother of US Women’s National soccer team player Ali Krieger and all-around Insta-stud Kyle Krieger. In a vid Kyle uploaded earlier this summer, the hair pro gave us a peek at what his daily hair and skin routine look like in a two-parter. Clearly, a lot goes into looking as good as this guy. Although both vids were super insightful and made me realize I’m barely getting by with what I’m doing, I did find one specific thing to be vital info for my situation. Namely, helping speed up this hair growth process. I don’t want to wait forever for this man bun to reach its full potential.

While the social media regulation hottie shares various products in the vlog like using a blow dryer with a directional nozzle (sorry, not using one still), skin smoothing cream, beard oil and texturizing spray, among numerous other things as part of his daily routine, the tip that stuck out to me the most is his inclusion of a paddle brush.

If we’re being honest here, before the man bun commitment I never really used a brush on a regular basis, let alone a paddle brush, but when Kyle said that he believes it “stimulates hair growth” (as well as just feels amazing on your scalp) I knew I had to pick one up. Okay, I may have been partly swayed based on how handsome he is (look at those eyes + bone structure), but he’s a legit hairstylist so he totally knows a thing or two.

growing out a man bun

After picking out the paddle brush that spoke to me the most — a black + gold Conair — I’ve been brushing nonstop ever since. Seriously, I feel like I do it for 10 minutes straight, if not more, after the shower (post Mario-recommended routine of course) and at least a good five to ten every AM prior to heading out the door to work.

I haven’t seen a ton of progress in length yet, but it *has* only been about two weeks’ worth of brushing, so we’ll see what this latest addition to the hair care checklist routine has to offer as time goes on. Regardless, I am thoroughly enjoying the beads on the paddle brush — like Kyle said, they feel really good — and I definitely do feel like my hair has gotten softer and somewhat less wavy c/o all this brush time. And the assortment of products I’ve been using. Carin’ for my hair, FTW!


Another week down, another routine added to my man bun growing process — and at this slow rate of hair growth there’s bound to be plenty more. Make sure to keep tabs on my growing man bun every week and leave any suggestions — I mean it, any — in the comments or tweet us @britandco because I am willing to do anything for some speedy growth STAT.

Got any tips, tricks or hacks for growing out my hair to make this man bun more impressive, faster? Share them with me in the comments!