The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off today! When we’re not busy cheering on the US Women’s National Team to a W until they snatch up that trophy, we’ll be keeping an eye on the ladies via Instagram. How else would we get all the off-the-field insight our hearts crave?! Throw on your country’s team tee (whether that’s USA or not) and prep for team USA’s first match Monday with a deep dive into 10 of our fave team members’ Instagram accounts right now.

Sydney Leroux

1. Sydney Leroux: This fast forward not only is a pro at getting goals, but she’s also filled with life. On her Instagram you’ll see everything from photoshoots, selfies with her teammates and snaps with her husband (and their adorable dog). (via @sydneyleroux)

Alex Morgan

2. Alex Morgan: Also a forward — and without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces on the US Women’s National Team — this gorgeous gal showcases her action-packed life on Instagram. With everything from travels to Ed Sheeran selfies to wedding day shots, we’re kinda wondering if she ever takes a break. (via @alexmorgan13)

Abby Wambach

3. Abby Wambach: Just recently joining Instagram, this star forward is already providing plenty of entertainment from hair dyeing sessions to selfies with her teammates + Robin Roberts. (via @abbywambach)

Carli Lloyd

4. Carli Lloyd: If you’re looking for major fitspo, this midfielder’s feed is the one to follow. She’ll have you working out all types of ways you didn’t even know you were capable of. (via @carlilloyd)

Megan Rapinoe

5. Megan Rapinoe: Dogs, fashion, travel, kids and food fill up this midfielder’s feed. So obviously we’re obsessed. (via @mrapinoe)

Heather O’Reilly

6. Heather O’Reilly: You’ll find the midfielder’s feed overflowing with non-stop BTS action, tons of TBTs and plenty of friendly team snaps. (via @heatheroreilly)

Christen Press

7. Christen Press: Follow this forward’s account to get motivated to stay in shape, feed your wanderlust and soak up some cuteness in the form of neverending dog photos. (via @christenpress)

Christie Rampone

8. Christie Rampone: The captain + defender has one family-filled account. Follow her to get plenty of photos of her adorable family — kids + dogs. (via @christierampone3)

Ashlyn Harris

9. Ashlyn Harris: As one of the team’s goalies, this lady is a major badass. Go on trips, dates, workouts and more with this fierce lady. (via @ashlynharris24)

Meghan Klingenberg

10. Meghan Klingenberg: This defender’s Instagram is jam packed with inspiring moments of team bonding, exercise routines and DONUTS! (via @meghankling)

Prep for the FIFA Women’s World Cup and check out the full US Women’s National Team roster here.

Are you excited for the FIFA Women’s World Cup? Let us know who you’re cheering on in the comments below.

(Featured photo via @ussoccer_wnt)