It’s typically all about the ladies here at Brit + Co (okay, and sometimes babies), but we decided to switch it up a bit and show the guys in our life some love. We guess they do deserve a gift or two — at least the ones that made our nice list ;) Check out 33 of our fave guy gifts for every dude on your list and try not to buy ’em all.

1. Pencil by FiftyThree ($50-$60): This digital stylus for the iPad is the perfect tech accessory for the guy who loves writing and drawing but hates paper.

2. Tub Soak ($28): Because guys enjoy a bath every once in a while too.

3. UP MOVE by Jawbone ($50): It’s time for your man to join the wearable army. Pick up the new budget-friendly clip on, or splurge a little with the UP3.

4. Wood Paneled Power by Photojojo ($60): With this sleek backup battery you can ensure he’ll never again use the excuse, “My phone died.” Also, the device can charge two electronics at once, so in a way it’s like a gift for you too ;)

5. Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses ($145): Give him some wood shades this holiday season ;)

6. Nixon Cannon Watch ($150): He doesn’t REALLY need a Rolex anyway.

7. Hikari Pack ($84): A multi-functional bag (make it a backpack, shoulder bag or tote) perfect for hiking or a day trip to the coast.

8. Golden 3D Printed Bottle Opener ($72): Even if he’s still drinking Coors, make him feel like Gatsby when he opens it.

9. Mason Jar Holdster ($25-$140): A way to make the mason jar commutable — we’ll take the lot!

10. Essential Grill Set ($59): Time to turn the heat up and put the meat on (then flip it).

11. S’well Bottle ($25-$45): Not only are these bottles insulated for hot and cold beverages, but they look swell ;)

12. Moto 360 ($250-$330): There’s watches, then there’s smart watches. Throw this one on his arm and his accessory will without a doubt rival yours.

13. MEUNDIES Gift Set ($160): His underwear deserves to be as nice as yours. Just not any nicer.

14. Crosley Revolution ($80): This battery-powered, USB-connected, super portable turntable is perfect for the hipster record lover in your life. Make it a true vintage piece and get it in teal.

15. Carry-On Cocktail Kit ($24-$40): A mini bar in your carry on = genius. Just make sure he remembers it during his (guaranteed) last-minute packing.

16. Acer Aspire Switch 10 ($330-$520): An innovative touch screen laptop that detaches from its keyboard? We may consider giving up our MacBook and picking up a second one of these for ourselves.

17. Personalized Wooden Mustache Comb ($23): Give your dad’s or man’s beard a helping comb with this monogrammed, foldable groomer.

18. Whiskey Wedge ($15): Whiskey stones are so 2013. Get this glass from the makers of the Corkcicle and he’ll be able to drink a variety of chilled liquor straight up, no chaser.

19. Slate Mobile AirDesk ($98): Perfect for the at-home or public workspace dude.

20. Harry’s Essential Kit ($50): A shaving gift set he’ll actually want and use. Seriously, he’ll be pumped to shave.

21. Breaking Bland Spice Rack ($35): Encourage him to experiment in the kitchen. Because Walter White would approve.

22. Wally Bifold ($60): This super-slim wallet is all about that easy card access (no bulkiness).

23. Trunk Club (price varies): Decide if your man is confident, clueless or an aficionado when it comes to dressing himself. Then have a personal stylist ship him outfits.

24. Further Glycerin Hand Lotion ($17): If you’re looking for a lotion that screams “MAAAAAN,” here it is.

25. Bacon Jam Gift Set ($33): Bacon spread, enough said.

26. Virtual Keyboard ($100): Honestly, who has the desk space for an actual keyboard these days?

27. GoPro HERO4 Silver ($400): The gift that will document all of his adventures, whether climbing a mountain or following you around assorted maker fairs.

28. StickR TrackR ($25): His keys will never be lost again. Unless he loses the TrackR AND his phone — then he’s just out of luck.

29. Coffee and Espresso Mug ($14): Your guy can easily pivot from a shot of espresso to a cup of coffee in one glass. Just make sure he puts a limit on those shots.

30. Get It Done Notebook ($10): This notebook could be about anything, like an important work project or planning your next romantic getaway… ;)

31. Puzzle Calendar ($13): Basically an excuse to play with LEGOs every day.

32. Beer Making Kit ($40): Be honest, the man of the house would love a home brewery. Make his dreams come true (sort of).

33. 6 Pack Bike Frame ($28-$40): Make picnic time prep a whole lot easier with this bike-friendly six pack strap.

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How many of these gifts are you planning on buying for your man? Let us know in the comments below.