Hallmark Is Now Designing (Stunning!) Engagement Rings
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Hallmark Is Now Designing (Stunning!) Engagement Rings

While Hallmark has always been a go-to for trinkets to celebrate our treasured milestones, we’re used to thinking of their products more in the line of, oh, ya know, birthday cards (and perhaps a sentimental holiday movie or two). But now Hallmark wants to be a bigger part of our most memorable moments by introducing a line of (stunning!) engagement rings.

The Heart of Hallmark Collection with JCPenney includes 20 rings and sets, all in the $1,500 to $6,000 range (with many on sale at the moment), which makes them a relatively affordable option for anyone wanting to pop the question.

With traditional princess cuts, pavé settings, halo designs, larger stones as well as smaller complementary diamonds, there is a style for any taste (and most budgets).

As Hallmark says, “Happily-ever-after is just the beginning.”

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(h/t Self; photos via Hallmark)