There鈥檚 nothing like Halloween to bring out the kid in us all. You鈥檝e gotta love a holiday that鈥檚 all about sweet treats, fun group costumes and Pin-worthy scary makeup. If you鈥檙e looking to inject some spooky spirit into the days leading up to Halloween, you already know that you need to start with some sweet and savory treats. And, of course, a Halloween cocktail or two as you鈥檙e finishing making your costume can鈥檛 hurt. But the best way to insert some holiday into your day is with bento lunches full of creepy cuteness. Here are 16 Halloween-themed bento boxes that will give everyone a laugh at lunch.


1. Halloween Picnic Bento: Everyone will freak out at these skull-shaped musubis, with nori eye sockets and stitched grimaces. As if the skulls alone aren鈥檛 cool enough, add in bats made of purple ube (so on trend right now!) and Jack O鈥 Lanterns carved from orange persimmon and the whole box just screams Halloween. (via Adventures in Bento Making)


2. Jack Skellington: We all *HEART* Jack Skellington, because he鈥檚 only the most charming Mr. Bones that ever was. Everyone will go crazy for this Skellington bento that looks sophisticated, but is easy peasy to pull off. Just shape rice balls in plastic wrap, then decorate them with bits of nori that you cut using ordinary scissors. (via Bento Monsters)


3. Mummy Bento Halloween Lunch: This bento box takes 鈥渨rap鈥 to a whole new level. Even the apple is spiral cut and the egg is sliced, twisted and 鈥渕ummified.鈥 (via Healthy Kids Bento)


4. Cheerful Jack-o鈥-Lanterns: This quick and easy bento is jumpstarted by using frozen mini pancakes. Yes, that鈥檚 pink cake icing oozing through those happy grins. Breakfast for lunch FTW! (via Bento Anarchy)


5. Easy Halloween Kids Lunch: If you鈥檝e got a few Halloween themed cookie cutters, you can go to town on this week鈥檚 lunches. That fave peanut butter sammy tastes so much better when it鈥檚 shaped like a bat. (via Glory鈥檚 Mischief)


6. Halloween Lunch: Jack-o鈥-Lantern mandarins, a Baby Bel cheese monster and batty carrot slices make this bento super festive. Pack some extra tangerines and share them with the gang for a healthy Happy Halloween. (via Healthy Kids Bento)


7. BOO Bash Bento: A ghostly Peep makes an extra sweet treat in this boo-tiful bento. Just fill that sammy with protein and you鈥檝e got a perfectly balanced, perfectly proportioned lunch. (via Cookie Cutter Lunch)


8. Halloween Mummies: You can鈥檛 help but say 鈥awwwwwwww鈥 when you lay eyes on these mummies in love. But you鈥檒l soon be saying YUM! when you bite into these delicious butter, cheese and ham sammies with extra cheese on top. (via Lilan Mama Obento)


9. Frankenstein Halloween Lunch: Your fave spinach wraps just got a whole lot spookier, thanks to googly eyes, nori hair and some FoodDoodler markings. Bonus: This Frank-themed lunch is delicious and nutritious. (via Healthy Kids Bento)


10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Bento Lunch: Here鈥檚 a Skellington bento that couldn鈥檛 be easier; all you really need is some black rice and some white rice. Jack鈥檚 happy face will make you so nostalgic, you鈥檒l want to stream the animated film *just one more time* while you eat. (via Lunchbox Dad)


11. Halloween Bento: Oh, em, gee 鈥 this has to be the most over-the-top Halloween lunch ever. What鈥檚 cuter, the rice skulls, mashed squash pumpkin face or *bloody finger* frankfurters? There鈥檚 no need to choose faves when you can show them all equal love by cleaning your plate. (via Paradoxoff Planet)


12. Creepy Halloween PlanetBox: Break out that skull and bones ice mold and turn ordinary bread into a spook-tacular sammy. Add some salsa and homemade chips and this bento is dunk-a-licious. (via Wendolonia)


13. Boo and Jack O鈥 Lantern Halloween Bento: Get ready for a fit of the giggles when everyone sees this little pair of rice-ball pals. Pro tip: The pumpkin gets his color from a dab of orange deco furikake. (via Little Miss Bento)


14. Healthy Halloween Lunch Box Ideas: This one鈥檚 for y鈥檃ll who like the gross-out treats at Halloween 鈥 you know who you are! Smoked salmon makes a realistically fleshy sandwich filling, but the gummy worm is the star of this ghoulish show. (via Sugar, Spice and Glitter)


15. Halloween Witch Bento: It wouldn鈥檛 be Halloween without a sexy witch; especially this one with long, flowing udon tresses. But it鈥檚 her little ham and mushroom broomstick that鈥檚 to die for! (via Little Miss Bento)


16. D铆a de los Muertos: Dress your skull head sandwich with some colorful radish eyes and upside-down heart nose and you鈥檝e got a perf calavera-themed lunch. This bento box is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. (via Organized Bites)

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