Modern decor meets spooky hues in these moody spaces, and we’re loving the dark, dramatic results. From classic orange and black to cozy tan and green, these color combos are the perfect decor inspo with Halloween right around the corner. Feast your eyes and enjoy these awesome palettes below for your own stylish, All Hallows’ Eve-inspired space.

1. Green + Black: Sometimes a pop of color is all you need. Here, a set of mismatched chairs in saturated green, tan and gray add dimension to the space. An all-black wall makes a statement, letting the artwork on the wall really stand out. A bold, black pendant completes the scene just right. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Purple + Orange: It’s no surprise this color combo fits right in with Halloween. Bright orange pillows feel vibrant and colorful while the dark purple lamp and wallpaper bring a sense of drama. (via Decor Pad)

3. Green + Tan: Consider this an upscale version of your average “monster green.” Matching painted walls and bookshelves lend a distinctly regal feel to this living area. Plus, that dark tan sofa looks like an ideal spot to cozy up in with a scary movie. (via Lonny)

4. Black + White: Forget Beetlejuice — this black and white space is next-level chic. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors on either side of the fireplace reflect the bold decor, while a circular convex mirror adds a playful, almost funhouse-esque vibe — in a good way! (via Not For Boring)

5. Green + Purple: Palm leaf-inspired wallpaper creates a bold, tropical look in this petite bathroom. Meanwhile, dark purple accents, from the side chair to the wall art, add a level of sophistication. Two zig zag stripes on the cast iron tub bring a nice modern touch. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Orange + Purple + Black: This festive color combo offers plenty of personality and style. Patterned chairs with clear legs add contemporary flair, as do those bright orange lanterns. (via Living)

7. Rust Orange + Chocolate Brown: With modern furniture and colorful accents, this global-inspired color pairing feels super cozy for a cold Halloween night. (via The Inspired Room)

8. Red + Black: This is the ultimate vampy duo, so it’s only fitting that this look features a luxurious leather chesterfield sofa. Dark navy walls feel dramatic without going too dark, while black accents tie the bold look together. (via MyDomaine)

9. Orange + Black: The traditional Halloween color combination gets a chic upgrade in this look. Black wood floors create a dark, stunning backdrop, while orange cabinets and lucite chairs stand out against the white lacquered dining table. (via TrenDecoration)

10. Black + Blue: Moody yet streamlined, this space offers a cozy-modern look. The dark navy sofa blends seamlessly with a charcoal carpet and black walls. White shutters and a trendy light fixture bring just the right amount of brightness. (via My Ideal Home)

What’s your favorite Halloween-inspired color combo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!