Are you ready for a full week of Halloween fun? Some of you may have already Halloweened it up this past weekend, but we’re still raring to go for this Thursday. Today, we turn our attention to YouTube for the best Halloween makeup videos the web has to offer. From Miley to Snow White, here we go!

1. Snow White: Become the fairest of them all by following this easy-to-follow tutorial by Kandee Johnson. And if you’re in need of a group costume, get a bunch of pointy hats and have your friends dress as the seven dwarves. (via Kandee Johnson)

2. Gothic Fallen Angel / Evil Fairy: Going for a generally gothic theme? This evil fairy tutorial is awesome. It’s crazy to watch the transformation! (via Tanya Burr)

3. Beautiful Death: Similar to our own Day of the Dead Makeup, this haunting tutorial is great for the day after Halloween. (via Michelle Phan)

4. Doe, A Deer: How insane is this makeup? It’s surprisingly simple to recreate, as long as you follow this tutorial. (via Shannon O’Brien)

5. Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball: Short hair might be required for this, but you could also go for the double-bun look like Brit did for this year’s pop culture costumes. (via Kandee Johnson)

6. Zombie Halloween: Yikes! That is one eerie zombie. If you’re not quite up for the gashes in the face, do this look without them and you’ll still look downright dead. (via Tanya Burr)

7. Miss Argentina: Remember this broad from Beetlejuice? Love her combination of being sort of like Lucille Ball and an alien had a baby. (via Pixiwoo)

8. Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl: For a gorgeous look, channel your inner ’20s starlet and follow Michelle Phan’s steps for turning into a flapper girl. (via Michelle Phan)

9. Corpse Bride: Whoa. This look is one we’ve seen in a few places, but still have yet to try. This tutorial makes it straightforward enough that I might even try it myself! (via Pixiwoo)

10. Jessica Rabbit: Can cartoons be bombshells? Jessica Rabbit says yes! And this tutorial will turn you into an animated vixen in minutes. (via Andreas Choice)

11. Dead Ghost Bride: Last, we’re digging the twig crown on this dead ghost bride. Well done. (via Eman)

What are you being this Halloween? Will makeup or face paint be involved? Talk to us in the comments below.