Ever been the host of a Halloween party and had people show up in PLAIN CLOTHES? Unacceptable. You demanded everyone wear a costume on your invitation, telling them they’d be turned away at the door if they didn’t at least have a smattering of fake blood on their shirt. Yet they show up in their skinny jeans and a hoodie. To prepare for these party-foulers, we suggest making a few awesome masquerade masks to have on hand. We’ve got five easy techniques to share that will transform your mask into a work of art and your guest into a masked wonder.

 – plain face masks

– feathers

– glitter

– tissue paper

– beads

– paint pens

 – scissors

– wire

– E-6000

– GS Hypo Cement

– spray adhesive

Add various materials to your masks using E-6000, GS Hypo Cement and spray adhesive.


Who doesn’t love glitter!?

For a plastic mask, the glitter sticks well with spray adhesive. Add a thin layer of spray adhesive, let it stand for three minutes until it’s tacky, and then add your glitter.

If your mask is made from a more porous material, use E-6000. Spread it around with your finger and then sprinkle your glitter on top.

Paint Pens

To create a colorful design, use Deco Art pens to draw on your mask.

These pens dry pretty quickly, but be sure to give them a minute before you stick your fingers in your art work.

Paper Flower

For a little extra flair, add a paper flower to your mask.

Take 6-8 pieces of tissue paper, stack them and cut them into a rectangle. Starting on the long end, fold the paper like an accordion. Cut the ends into half circles to create a smoother petal. Wrap a small piece of artistic wire around the center and then fan out the sides. Separate the pieces of tissue paper gently pulling them towards the center of the flower.

When you finish, adhere your flower to your mask using E-6000.


Beads are a great addition to a mask!

We simply added them to one of ours using GS Hypo Cement. E-6000 works too, but the needle on the GS Hypo cement is great for small beads. For a fabric mask, hot glue works well too.


Feathers are the signature addition to a masquerade mask. You can find these at craft stores, fabric stores, your back yard, online or even at a tackle store. Just play it cool with the guys behind the counter and make sure to leave some fly fishing accoutrement for the fishermen.

Once you have your feathers, stick them to your mask with a little E-6000.

This one is so wild!

These feathers scream Mardi Gras.

How cool are these?

Let the party begin!

Just make sure you get these babies back at the end of the night. They’re sure to be a hit and might walk right out your door with Mr. No Costume.

Even Brit + Co pup Turkey Temple got in on the action! No surprise there ;)

Do you have any last-minute costumes you’ve thrown together? What are your tricks? Speak to us below.