Here at Brit HQ, we think the perfect Halloween costume is not complete without an amazing mani. But we’re not talking about cheesy pumpkin nail art, here. We mean manis that are scary, sometimes chic, and totally complementary to your ghastly get up. That’s why these 13 nail art designs should definitely be your go-tos come October 31st.

1. Googly Eyes: Do you have the feeling that somebody’s watching you? That’s probably because you’ve got googly eyes all over your nails, silly! These shifting peepers may be one of the easiest designs to replicate. (via Icy Nails)

2. Frankenstein Stitches: We’re already haunted by this ghastly, yet totally appropriate shade of Frankenstein green. Thick black stitches make for a monstrous detail. (via She Knows)

3. Vampire Nails: Can you believe that these jaw-dropping nails take only three steps to complete? A coat of red nail polish “lips” are parted with a black nail striper before pointy white fangs are drawn perfectly in place. (via MissJenFABULOUS)

4. Spiderwebs: Walking into spiderwebs usually sucks, unless you’re talking about the song by No Doubt or referring to this totally rad nail art design. This simple, black and white main will go with nearly any spooky get up. (via Sincerely Stephanie)

5. Eyeball Nails: Open wide! You’ll need a few different shades of polish to make these shockingly bloodshot eyeballs, but we think it’s totally worth the effort. (via Shakeshakee)

6. Orange and Black: Looking for less fright and more fun in your Halloween nail art design? Then check out this striped and speckled mani! The classic color combo of orange and black make it unmistakably made for Halloween. (via Missadelinne)

7. Natural Claws: Who needs acrylic claws when you can trick out your natural nails like this? This genius nail illusion is a perfect mani for vixens and villains alike. (via The Style Fox)

8. Black Cat: We’ve seen our share of black cat manis, but we especially love this one because of its 3D cat ears! To get this fabulous feline look, add two tiny triangles of black paper to your polish just before it dries. (via Peace Love Polish)

9. Zombie Nails: Warning: There is no way to un-see these undead digits. Do they make us kind of nauseous? Yes. But we wholeheartedly applaud the brave souls who dare to dive all in with this disturbing mani (we tend to take a prettier approach on this subject matter). (via Psh***t)

10. Candy Corn Nails: After that zombie mani, we needed to see something sweet and comforting, like this candy corn nail art! We’re nuts about this color blocked candy—see all the ways we’ve used it for the holiday so far here! (via Jadeisabelle)

11. Green Gooze Nails: Creating these oozing green nails is actually much easier than you may think. Start out by making three grossly green dots in the middle of your black coated nails, then squiggle your way up to the top. Doesn’t it look like you dipped your fingers in a vat of slime? Ewww! (via Shakeshakee)

12. Bloodspattered Nails: Is it wrong to be strangely intrigued by the look these scary bloodspattered nails? We think not, especially because the way to get this effect is as cool as that skeleton ring! (via Go Jane)

13. Mummy Nails: We’ll wrap up our Halloween nail art picks with our favorite of the bunch: mummy nails! Can you guess material this blogger uses to get this incredible mummified look? (via Peace Love Polish)

Are you planning to rock some spooky nail art this Halloween? Be sure to share your ideas with us in the comments below!