We love experimenting with our hair — whether it’s braids, flower crowns or pastel dye, we’re game for anything. And if this new artist has anything to say about it, 2015’s hottest hair accessory could be… veggies? Yep, veggies. Our fave snacks have teamed up with flowers in these exceptional crowns that you definitely won’t see at Coachella.


Japanese flower arrangement artist Takaya is behind this new field of art. He calls himself a “Hanayui-shi,” which translates to someone who connects humans and flowers together. He takes raw vegetables and blooming flowers and creates extravagant hair pieces. Takaya’s creations are so vibrant, fresh and colorful, they seem like they came straight from the stalls of your local farmers market.


Takaya is known for his collaborations with wedding designers like Yumi Katsura, in addition to his live performances of his skills and passions. He has wowed art-savvy crowds around the globe, and his work has been featured in numerous magazines overseas.


This unusual and wild form of hair decoration reflects the Japanese aesthetics of art: asymmetry, imperfection and Wabi-sabi. His work might look like an extension of flower arrangement, but it’s actually much more complex because he works with all types of hair and plants in his performances. Designer Yumi Katura told Fashion Headline last year, “I choose Takuya over the many flower designers in the world because I think he is gifted. I enjoy collaborating with people that are brilliant.”


While we may not be at Takaya’s level of Hanayui skill, we can definitely take some DIY inspo from his work. If you’re making a succulent flower crown, consider adding some veggies for extra fun. Whatever you choose, we bet it’ll turn heads.

What did you think about veggie + flower arrangements on hairpieces? Would you try to DIY your own? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t: Dezeen Magazine)