The color of your hair has become the hottest accessory around and changing it up to fit your mood has become as common (and easy) as your daily shower. Last year, celebs gave lilac lots of love — we’re looking at you, Nicole Richie. 2015 will keep the pastel hair trend alive and then some. Thanks to temporary hair chalks, sprays and conditioners, you’ll be pretty in pink, blue, purple and green before you know it. Scroll on for 12 ways to rock pastel locks for however long you please. (Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)

Kiko Hair Chalk

1. Kiko Hair Shadow ($10): A dye that’s perfect for all hair types and comes in six vibrant shades that last until you shampoo? Color us happy.

bumble bumble

2. Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk ($19): These limited-edition spraychalks have us (and our hair) excited. The hardest part is deciding whether to go with Blush, Cobalt, Lavender or Mint.

Sephora Hair Chalk

3. Sephora Collection Pastel Hair Chalk ($7): Apply to wet or dry hair for temporary pastel power. It’s available in three shades, so you can mix, match or create a bit of ombre action.

Simply Beautifu;

4. Simply Beautiful Hair Chalks ($15): Not ready to commit to just one color? Now you don’t have to with this hair chalk kit, which gives you 24 non-toxic chalks. The dye only lasts two days tops, so your locks will always be on-trend.

TInge Hair

5. Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner ($18): For all you bleached blondes out there, this conditioner is a must-buy. It’ll give you pastel hues that last up to five washes, plus a little hydration.

Hair Chalk

6. Hair Shimmer Chalks ($3): These hair chalks contain two of our favorite things: neon + glitter. Yep, glitter. Put these in your hair, and you’ll shimmer your way all over town.

Loreal Hair Chalk

7. L’Oréal Professional Hair Chalk Color Polish ($21): Take your pick from three pastel shades or up your color game with five beyond-bold shades. They are all super-easy to apply and wash out within two shampoos.

Baby Blue Hair Chalk

8. Baby Blue Hair Chalk ($10): Let your inner art student shine through. Simply wet your hair and the end of the chalk and (literally!) get your color on.

Hair Color Chalk

9. Hair Color Chalk ($16): This little pot packs A LOT of punch. With 11 shades to choose from, you can keep one of each in your purse for on-the-go color emergencies.

Bleach London

10. Bleach London Super Cool Colour ($8): With goofy names like “Washed Up Mermaid” and “Awkward Peach,” bleached babes will love all the super-cool color choices.

Sennelier Soft Pastels

11. Sennelier Soft Pastels ($4): These are vetted by Lauren Conrad, who definitely knows beauty. These hair chalks also double as the perfect art chalks, so you can be creative no matter what medium. (via The Beauty Department)

Manic Panic

12. Manic Panic Manic Mixer ($9): Take your uber-bright temporary hair dye and tone it down to pastel territory with this magic mixer.

Ready to pastel it up? Tell us what color you want to rock in the comments below!