Whether it’s because you’re driving, cooking, or wearing an outfit that just doesn’t accessorize well with a smartphone, sometimes you really just don’t want to deal with your phone. Thankfully there are gadgets for every situation. We’ve shared some of our favorite wristlets, and how to add smartphone pockets to your workout gear, but here are 10 more ideas for keeping your hands off.

Wallee Magnetic Smartphone Mount

1. Wallee Magnetic Case and Mount ($33): This is the sleekest iPhone mount we’ve seen yet. Simply use the magnetic case and an adhesive mounting disk and you can prop up your phone anywhere you want—think kitchen, bathroom, or even the wall in front of your desk. It’s a whole new dual screen experience. (Be forewarned you’ll have to order both the case and the mounts. There isn’t a combo pack at the moment.


2. Boobypack ($58): We told you about the Boobypack back when it was still on Kickstarter. Since they’ve reached their goal, the shockingly neon bras that are like a fanny pack for your chest are available for pre-order and should ship later this month.

PortaPocket Combo Pack

3. PortaPocket Combo Kit ($23): For those times when you really don’t want to deal with carrying your smartphone, this strap and pocket combo lets you wear your phone on your arm or leg. You can also get a pocket that will fit your passport for international adventures, or a bejeweled version if you’re feeling fancy.

3D Printed Hands-Free iPhone Case

4. Hands-Free Siri iPhone 4 Case: If you have access to a 3D printer (and aren’t spending time figuring out how to print your next snack), download the plans and print out this necklace case for your iPhone. This might be one of those accessories it’s better to wear only at home (like your fuzzy slippers).

NXE Active Sleeve Armband

5. NXE ActiveSleeve Armband ($30): The best thing about this sleeve for running with your smartphone is that it’s going to stay put. Unlike many cases which have a case on a small strap, this covers your whole arm. This also means that you can stash more than just your smartphone inside.

Runnur Sash

6. Runnur ($45): Reminiscent of the sashes you used to wear as a Brownie (just minus the merit badges), this case is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or biking, or it can be worn under a coat when you’re traveling—keeping your valuables tucked away safely.


7. Everpurse (from $189): If you are looking for a hands-free fashion accessory, our pick is Everpurse, which charges your phone as you carry it around. Then just charge the purse overnight. It’s the best multi-tasking wristlet out there.


8. Joey Bra ($20): Another of our favorite discreet ways to stash your phone, ID, and maybe some cash, the Joey Bra is stylish, and comfortable. Consider removing your phone’s case before wearing it to prevent any strange lines or bulges on your outfit.


9. iTray ($40): While technically for your iPad or iPad mini, we thought this was too smart not to include. Especially if you’re traveling with your kids and the only way to keep them quiet on the plane is to keep them glued to the screen. No more dropping the iPad when they stand up, it stays securely around their neck.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

10. Bluetooth Handset Gloves ($70): Yes, we know gloves are the last thing you want to be wearing right now, but you’ll be happy this winter when you remember that you have a pair of these stashed with your scarves and hats. (Looking for more weather-appropriate wearable tech? No problem.) Not only can you use your phone with them on, but you can also take calls by making that universal hand signal for phone call.

What’s your favorite hands-free device or gadget? Is there a time you really need another way to hold your phone? Tell us in the comments!