It's true. We're Apple obsessed.

We've introduced you to a handbag designed specifically for your iPad, we've collected the best-looking purses that double as laptop bags, and we've shown you an iPhone case that doubles as a condom carrier. Now, we're here to show you a roundup of super convenient pocket-sized accessories that keep more than just your iPhone protected and organized.

1. Poste Smartphone Wallet ($33): Honestly, we kind of want a version of this for our iPad and MacBook Air! The colors are bold and lovely, and it's dressy enough to work as a clutch at a cocktail party or wedding event.

2. La Vorte Accordion iPhone Wallet ($99): WIth a little more capacity and flexibility, the La Vorte iPhone wallet is another fun option. Probably a little more dude-friendly, as its available in grey or black.

3. Kate Spade Wristlet ($70): Oh hey there Kate. Bright colors and rich hues? Yes please. Also available in black patent leather. Rawr.

4. Soay Felt iPhone Case ($20): Part of Pack & Smooch's tactile Apple accessories collection, the Soay iPhone case is made of merino wool felt and has an extra pocket for cash and cards.

5. The Hundreds Code Wallet ($55): A sportier looking option, this Code Wallet by The Hundreds and HEX features an embossed leather cover, an exterior cash (or Metro card) pocket, and three slots inside for your credit cards and ID.

6. Aged Leather iPhone Pocket ($99): You don't have to wish iPhones were around in the 20s to get an antique-looking iPhone pocket. This genuine aged leather case is distressed by hand, making each pocket totally unique.

7. Madison iPhone Wallet ($75): We're guessing the Madison wallet gets its name from a certain New York street. The sleek lines and undertone of New England prep are just the kind of thing you'd see on Madison Avenue. Each wallet is made-to-order using calf skin leather with yellow contrast stitching.

8. Underfuse (3-pack for $20): We highlighted this a few weeks ago, but here it is again. Underfuse is a super easy way to add pockets to your favorite (read: most used & most comfortable) pieces of workout gear. Also great for adding iPhone-friendly interior pockets to ski jackets, rain gear, and the ilke.

9. HEX Solo Wallet Case ($40): A simple case with a pocket. A great move if you carry a large messenger back, tote, or backpack and need an easy way to grab the stuff you need.

10. Michael Kors Wallet Clutch ($80): And finally, a bit of iStyle from Michael Kors. This glitzy darling can hold everything you need for a night out!

How do you carry your iPhone in style? Know of any other ways to avoid carrying a giant purse? Other favorites of ours are the Wintercheck pocket scarf, the CLICK bag, and, of course, the Joey Bra. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or say hi on Twitter – we love to hear from you.