Here's the scenario: You're getting ready for a morning at the gym. You've begrudgingly gotten yourself out of bed, peed, brushed the pearly whites, and are now contemplating which outfit to throw on for today's fitness routine. As you're heading out the door, you make sure to grab your keys, your phone, and your headphones. Then, you realize you have nowhere to put aforementioned keys, phone, and headphones, and so you tuck your keys into your sports bra, hold your phone in your hand, and wrap your headphone cords around your wrist so that they aren't dangling like crazy as you run.

You might say that this is a less than optimal workout scenario, especially if you're lifting weights or doing any activity that requires empty hands — where do you put your phone? In your waist band? (We'll admit, we're guilty of that.) Finally, there's a good solution: Underfuse.

Underfuse has created an iron-on pocket for workout gear to allow you to carry your accessories with style and ease. The pocket is joined to a special woven fabric infused with adhesive, formulated to bond to your workout gear with a regular household iron.

Granted, some workout clothing already has pockets, but none that are usually big enough to hold an iPhone or smartphone. In fact, Underfuse is just the right size for a phone, so nothing is bouncing around when you're running around or doing those dreadful squat lunges.

The product was just successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be shipping in March. A 1-pack is $8 and a 3-pack is $20. We're thinking of picking some up ourselves and think you should, too.

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