It's totally normal to give your friends presents honoring Presidents past for Presidents Day… right? Okay, maybe not, but we couldn't help sharing these strange, silly, and even design-y ideas for a Presidential gift exchange. Because after all, this holiday is about more than an extra day of skiing. ;)

1. Elvis Presley Meets President Nixon ($13-$80): This archival photograph captures a secret meeting between Nixon and Elvis in 1970. We think the King looks awfully natural in the oval office.

2. Abraham Lincoln Necktie ($17): Bright yellow silk meets pop-art silkscreen in this definite piece of Presidential flair. This one is definitely begging for a little DIY action.

3. Abraham Lincoln Quote ($20): "Whatever you are, be a good one." We love this quote, and strive to do just that here at Brit HQ.


(price varies): Known famously as President Reagan's favorite bit of sweetness, jelly beans have even made it to outer space aboard the 1983 Challenger. We just hope you don't end up with the popcorn flavor. Butter plus gummy equals all kinds of weird.

5. Ronald Reagan Soft Vinyl Mask ($37): Speaking of Reagan, why not ring in Presidents Day by taking a cue from Patrick Swayze and his surftastic cohorts in Point Break? The Ex-President costume is always a good one, and slightly unnerving.

6. The Presidents Of The United States of America: 10 Year Anniversary Edition ($9): That's right. We're bringing it back to the 90s with this one. When's the last time you heard Lump? (P.S. The 10 Year Anniversary Edition came out in 2004, making it a whopping 17 years since the original.)

7. President Block Set ($98): Created for kids as a way of learning the "building blocks of democracy" (har har), these blocks would also make a pretty awesome coffee table piece, especially in a rustically designed interior.

8. JFK Hip Flask ($25): First off, we know this is a DIY waiting to happen. Second, JFK was such a babe that we are totally down to don him on our hip. Keep filled with rum to mix up impromptu daiquiris (rumored to be JFK's favorite pre-dinner drink).

9. A Visual History of the American Presidency Print ($30-$45): As geeks with a creative side, we have a weakness for infographics. This visual history of the American Presidency is possibly the most thorough and colorful account of our nation's 44 presidencies. Really feel like nerding out? Check out Timeplots' visual histories of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Senate, and Supreme Court.

10. George Washington Locket ($40): Part of The Presidents Collection by Etsy seller Lori, this locket is the perfect way to show your love for our very first president. Plus there's space for two more pics inside! You always wanted a piece of presidential bling, didn't you?

Aside from reveling in your Monday off, got any kitschy tips for ringing in Presidents Day? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. Happy Presidents Day!