There are just about a million things we wish were real from the magical, wizarding world of Harry Potter. Diagon Alley, apparating, channeling a Patronus… we could go on. Sadly, most of those probably won’t come to fruition in our lifetime (but also never say never, right?). However, there is one magical creation that we actually can enjoy in the muggle realm: butterbeer. The sweet drink has been a purchasable treat at Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World for awhile but now there’s a legit way to make it at home.

In this recent viral vid, the folks behind Youtube account HellthyJunkFood attempt to recreate a video tutorial they spotted on Facebook. Their rendition of the recipe includes: brown sugar, a LOT of butter (six tablespoons to be exact), cream, apple cider vinegar, rum extract and cream soda.

It’s definitely not low in sugar but hey, calories are irrelevant in the wizarding world, right? While this version is alcohol-free, we can’t help but want to try swapping soda for beer. A wheat beer or lager perhaps? We’re pretty sure grown-up Harry Potter would approve.

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