Harry Potter fans are known to be the most loyal to their beloved stories. They’re also known to be the most creative bunch, constantly coming up with great ideas like DIY costumes, parties and products that aren’t actually available to the world. Now, thanks to Reddit, these fans are combining their love of Hogwarts with their love of limited-edition makeup, and the results are nothing short of perfect.


Redditor Spellsandstars used her love of HP and her creative makeup passion to create a series of Harry-inspired makeup palettes, and she shared her results over on r/MakeupAddition yesterday. Everything about it is perfect, from the gorgeous house emblem embossing, to the color names and the feather quill brush applicators. Redditors were chomping at the bit to discuss how to make these palettes come to life, even discussing copyright laws, packaging details and how to utilize Etsy for the makeup’s sale.


While Spellsandstars has no plans to make these a reality right now, we’re hoping that the feedback from Redditors makes this dream a reality. We’ll be over here trying to figure out if the incendio spell will help light a fire under someone to make these a reality, or if we should try an alohomora to unlock these for the masses.

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(h/t bustle.com; photos via Redditor Spellsandstars, featured photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty )