You’re probably very familiar with the concept of subscription boxes by now. They’re an awesome concept that has totally taken off, and now you can find ones dedicated to super-specific niches like Paleo snacks and green beauty products. More recently, health and wellness companies have gotten in on the trend too. You can now get products like vitamins, tampons, and even teeth-straightening trays through the mail. Yup, for real! Keep reading to find out about the coolest health and wellness delivery services out there.


1. Ritual ($30 per month): Vitamins and supplements are totally having a moment. Now that we know more than ever about what nutrients people need on a daily basis in order to maintain their health and feel their best, it only makes sense that more vitamin options would become available. What makes Ritual so cool though is that they make what we’d call the ultimate multivitamin — which you can have delivered to you monthly. Plus, the company has made a serious effort to ensure that there’s nothing harmful or unnecessary in their products, unlike many of the other vitamins out there on the market.

Smile Club

2. Smile Direct Club ($99 per month): If you’ve ever wanted straighter teeth but don’t feel like you can handle the bi-weekly appointments for something like Invisalign, this service could be for you. First, you take impressions of your teeth at home to find out if you’re a good candidate. If you are, they’ll use those impressions to create a series of trays that you wear at home and swap out every few weeks, depending on your particular situation. While this kind of teeth-straightening doesn’t work for everyone, if you have minor spacing or crowding issues with your teeth, it could be a convenient and cost-effective option.


3. Cora ($9+ per month): Who knew tampons could be *so* chic? There are lots of organic feminine products out there these days, but we really love the sophisticated style that’s been incorporated into Cora’s offering. You can set up a subscription so that you’ll get your tampons delivered to you every month, or you can buy a one-off box whenever you need it. The brand even sells cute carry-cases for your tampons so they don’t roll around in the bottom of your purse. Genius, right?

Daily Harvest

4. Daily Harvest ($48+ per week or $168 per month): If you love making smoothies but find it hard to get the right variety in your ingredients, Daily Harvest can definitely help you out. The smoothies come in cups that are perfectly portioned (so you don’t have leftover ingredients you can’t use!), and all you have to do is pop them in a blender and add your milk of choice or water. You can also choose exactly which smoothies you’re getting, as well as whether you want to have them delivered weekly or monthly. Plus, the recipes are all superfood-centric, so you know you’re getting major health benefits from drinking them on the reg. The company also delivers soups that you can whip up when you need a meal fast.


5. Hubble ($30 per month): You’ll still need to start by hitting up the eye doc for a prescription, but once that’s done, Hubble makes it extremely easy (and way less expensive!) to get your daily contacts. For just $30 a month, you get a supply delivered to your doorstep and never have to worry about running out again.


6. Sakara ($239+ per week): Live in the sort of town where the store clerks look at you like you’re crazy when you ask where to find the watermelon jerky? If the answer is yes, you should check out Sakara, a meal delivery service that is crazy healthy. The company offers three- and five-day plans, with an option to subscribe for weekly deliveries. Though it’s not cheap (a three-day trial will run you upwards of $250), they go all out on the quality of the foods they offer, and the meals make eating healthy easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Crystal Box

7. Enchanted Crystal ($16+ per month): This subscription might be a bit of a stretch if you’re not into healing crystals, but if you take comfort in having them around, this may be your new fave. Every month, you get a delivery with a new crystal to keep with you or in your home, along with an explanation of what it does and how to use it. For hard-core crystal lovers, there’s also a super-size option that gives you several different new ones per month.


8. The Year of Wellness by LEAFtv ($60 per month): This product is more of a traditional subscription box, but bear with us. The founders of LeafTV wanted to share their favorite clean and organic wellness products, so they created this service to help people sample wares from lots of different brands. You’ll find a few organic beauty products inside, but the boxes focus more heavily on things like teas and supplement samples. Sign us up!

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