Yesterday’s announcement by President Trump that the US Government would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord has people around the world reeling, to say the least. While there’s no question about the effects of climate change on the planet, Trump argues that the accord is bad for American businesses and wants to re-negotiate.

Needless to say, people have *feelings* on the matter, from politicians to celebrities and everyone in between. Check out some of their reaction below.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio: The notoriously eco-friendly actor, who is reportedly headed to Washington to give the President a piece of his mind, pointed out that the entire planet will suffer if we don’t act to reverse climate change.

2. Mark Ruffalo: The Incredible Hulk star cast shame on Trump for his decision to pull the plug on the accord, calling his actions a “childish refusal.”

3. Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton, a former Presidential candidate herself, called his move “a historic mistake.”

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Governator remembered “the great leaders” who ensured our future by sticking with the accord in years prior.

5. Bernie Sanders: Senator Sanders called the decision an “international disgrace.”

6. Nancy Pelosi: The Democratic leader asked how the President would be able to explain his decision to his grandchildren.

7. Joe Biden: The former VP pointed out that pulling out of the agreement could “imperil” US security.

8. Chelsea Handler: The comedian and talk show host called the decision “childish,” sarcastically asking “who cares about climate change?”

9. George Takei: Star Trek actor George Takei also came at the situation with humor, noting that it may not so easy to pull out of the accord.

10. Justin Trudeau: Canadian Prime Minter Trudeau reaffirmed his commitment to the planet while also expressing dismay at the US’s choice.

11. Emmanuel Macron: The newly elected French President invited Americans interested in climate work to come work for France instead.

While it remains to be seen exactly what will come of this announcement, it’s definitely heartening to see so many people coming together to continue their commitment to environmentalism.

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(Photo via Win McNamee/Getty)