Destress after work and catch up on the top news of the day.

1. Emma Watson put out a powerful new video about gender equality. On Saturday, former Harry Potter star and current feminist-about-the-world Emma Watson tweeted a video (shown above) with a strong message about gender equality. “There are many huge and high hurdles left to jump,” she says over footage of women running the hurdles at the 1964 Olympics, “but we will cross the finishing line.”


2. Not registered to vote yet? Do it on Snapchat: Until October 7, you can figure out your eligibilityand register, if you need to, all before you update your story. It’s thanks to a partnership between Snapchat and TurboVote, so look for TurboVote on the Stories or Discover page. Talk about convenient!

Twitter is an online social

3. Twitter is looking for a buyer, and Disney is looking at buying Twitter: Although you might think of theme parks and kids’ movies, today’s Disney is “a conglomerate of media entities,” according to Business Insider, and Twitter is making a push to become a media company (or more of one). So the news that Disney is interested in buying the social media network is perhaps unsurprising.

Immigration And Border Security Issues Loom Heavy In Upcoming U.S. Elections

4. The State Department is working on a program that will allow citizens to “sponsor” incoming refugees: It’s to be modeled on a Canadian refugee resettlement program. Details are scarce, but under the Canadian system, groups—from church congregations to colleagues—raise money to resettle a person or family, and help the newcomers find housing and work.

Hofstra University Prepares To Host First Presidential Debate Of 2016 Election

5. Most people want debate moderators to fact-check the candidates: A new poll from Monmouth University found that 60 percent of Americans want the presidential candidates to be fact-checked by debate moderators. The first debate takes place tonight and is moderated by Lester Holt, who works for NBC.

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