Karlie Kloss is as well known for her workouts as she is for her modeling career and her spot in Taylor Swift’s fabulous fitness-loving #girlsquad. Regularly posting #fitnessfriday pics of her varied and intense workouts, many would love to have the key to her excellent exercise routine. That’s why these insider deets from Karlie’s very own trainer, Anna Kaiser, are just what we were looking for to make our workouts super fun and totally doable.

Karlie Kloss

“Karlie works really, really hard,” Anna told Well + Good, adding that the model is definitely dedicated to fitness, showing up for her workouts even if she’s worked all day and is zapped from her busy schedule. “Sometimes she’ll come directly from a shoot. Even if she’s had a very long day, she shows up.” Commitment, FTW!


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But that doesn’t mean that Karlie doesn’t put in the work, even when just managing to fit things in. Tackling a routine that involves a strength training and cardio interval series, the famously fit model makes her workouts more fun by singing her heart out.

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Anna revealed that when “a song comes on that [Karlie] loves, we sing along.” And what gets Karlie movin’ while she’s groovin’? Currently on a “big Beyoncé high,” she’s also apt to get down and funky with Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z as well as a little Rihanna. Now that sounds like an A+ playlist that comes with a Karlie Kloss stamp of approval.

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(h/t Well + Good; photos via Monica Schipper, Neilson Barnard/Getty)