If you’ve already gone green with Starbucks’ Key Lime Frappucino and are waiting patiently to try out the Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee to hit your neighborhood, then we have the option you definitely need to check out. Starbucks lovers and Instagrammers alike are freaking out over the newest from the oh-so-popular chain’s secret menu, the “Pink Drink.”

The beverages are pretty in pink with gorgeous berries floating on top. It’s almost too lovely to drink. Almost. But before you take your first sip, a pic is definitely in order, because this concoction is just as picture-perfect as it is delish. A twist on the Strawberry Açai Refresher, the “Pink Drink” (yep, that’s the simple-yet-apt name it’s been dubbed) subs water with coconut milk and is served with your choice of strawberries or blackberries. Yum!

An iced offering without an overload of caffeine or calories and still one of the prettiest drinks around, this will definitely be a go-to for plenty of summer-lovin’ folks who want to get their fair share of seasonal yumminess.

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(h/t Red Book, photos via @dailyfoodfeed, @marycake)