If you have yet to do a deep dive into the YouTube channel “Bad Lip Reading,” you’re missing out, my friends. The genius behind the sharply edited videos make some hilarious spoofs on everything from the players of the NFL to the cast of Twilight. The newest flick getting the bad lip treatment: High School Musical.

What’s slightly different about this particular spoof is that it was officially made in collaboration with Disney XD, a Disney channel for teens. Disney reached out to the anonymous creator of these genius vids and even has permission from Zac and Vanessa to have their characters’ names changed from Troy and Gabriella to “Chorky” and “Lumpkinella.” LOL, Lumpkinella…

What’s even more exciting is that this isn’t just an Internet video. The clips posted above are teasers for a more in-depth special which will be airing next Monday, July 11 at 11AM on Disney XD. It’s cool for a grown adult to take a sick day to stay home and watch HSM, right?

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(Photo via Disney)