Lately we鈥檝e been having a fashion moment with joggers 鈥 don鈥檛 judge us, they鈥檙e so comfy and are effortless for #wokeuplikethis (late) office style. But it appears the Democratic presidential candidate on everyone鈥檚 lips is hoping to switch up your style and take you down the pantsuit route. Hillary Clinton, the lady known for her two-piece color-coordinated outfits, just released a handful of new swag to promote her campaign and the most eye-catching of the batch is without a doubt the tongue-in-cheek 鈥淓veryday Pantsuit Tee鈥. As the shirt says, it鈥檚 time to pantsuit up ladies + gents.

hillary clinton pantsuit tee

The presidential hopeful, who officially launched her second campaign for President of the United States back in April, is keeping all eyes on her through various initiatives 鈥 social media + IRL 鈥 that include calling Moms on Mother鈥檚 Day, having voters take over her campaign鈥檚 Twitter account and already hitting the road for town hall meetings and meals with eligible voters. Not to leave any stone unturned in the long lead up to the actual vote, her campaign鈥檚 next logical step is to poke a little fun at herself via her fashion sense with her signature look: pantsuits. Getting everyone in on the joke, we see you, Hillary.

hillary clinton shop
hillary clinton shop

The pantsuit tee may be the most talked about item in Hillary鈥檚 shop, but it sure isn鈥檛 the only one worth mentioning. Her campaign also released everything from a baby onesie embossed with her campaign鈥檚 logo (for picture perfect baby kissing photo opps) to a tumbler made from 鈥渟hattered ceiling glass鈥 (get it? ;) and even a throw pillow with the phrase, 鈥淎 woman鈥檚 place is in the White House,鈥 a statement we totally agree with. Whether you鈥檙e Team Hillary or not, this approach to her campaign is definitely one of the most creative ones we鈥檝e seen in a while. Now go pantsuit up (or don鈥檛) and enjoy your summer like Mrs. Clinton.

Will you be pantsuiting up or picking out any other Hillary Clinton swag? Let us know in the comments.