On days when you just can’t even, putting together an on-point outfit for the office is a serious struggle. Even after coffee. And while those comfy PJ pants are looking pretty prime, no matter how you style your flannel bottoms they just aren’t going to fly at the office. Luckily, there’s an equally appealing piece that you need to get into your rotation STAT. Joggers, the cooler cousin of sweatpants, are about to change everything you thought you knew about business casual. Just follow these six quick tips and you’ll be racking up style points left and right.


1. Choose luxe fabrics. Joggers innately have a casual vibe. To avoid drawing a side-eye from your boss, opt for ones made with fabrics like faux leather, silk, satin or other similar materials. Pair with a classic button-down or sweater and your go-to pumps for the ultimate in easygoing office attire. (via Lovely Pepa, Song of Style)


2. Pair with a pretty blouse. While a button-down shirt is the obvious choice to give these sporty pants the old work-wear touch, a structured blouse is equally as effective (and maybe even a little unexpected). Add on a statement necklace and you’ve got one seriously stylish getup. (via Styled Avenue)

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3. Draw the eye upward.Jenna Lyons knows what’s up when it comes to polished nine-to-five (or anytime) dressing. To make her joggers boardroom ready, she goes for fabric that channels traditional trousers and pairs them up with not one, but two on-point toppers that draw the eye upward. This creates balance and keeps the focus away from the more laid-back bottoms. (via Who What Wear)


4. Play with patterns. You might want to pass on gray jersey if you plan on wearing your joggers to work (they’ll give off a major #iwokeuplikethis vibe, and not in a good way). However, prints are totally fair game. Palm prints and florals are the perfect choice for summer and will give you that extra boost to get through your to-do list, while geometric or classic patterns look fab all year. (via Walk in Wonderland)


5. Throw on a blazer.Blazers make everything look instantly chic. Pairing one up with those far-from-fussy slacks is a surefire way to elevate what would be a weekend-only ensemble, landing you most-stylish-employee status. Just one more thing to add to your long list of office creds. (via Fashion Guitar, The Skinny Breeze)


6. Keep it for casual Friday. Denim might be having a moment (but really, when is it not?), but if you’re reserved about introducing joggers into your nine-to-five rotation, consider rocking them on Fridays instead. A tailored jacket and elegant accessories — save for a cool pair of kicks — will give you the pulled-together feel you’re after, without forcing you to compromise on comfort. (via WonderMika)

Do you wear joggers at the office? What’s your favorite way to wear them? Tell us in the comments!