When someone says “quilts,” what probably comes to mind is the old fraying star-patterned quilt on your grandma’s bed. Quilts have been a longtime symbol of nostalgia, but recently we’ve stumbled upon modern patterns and fresh designs that are more fit for you urban dwelling than for your cabin in the woods. Take a look at these 21 quilts that are fit to flourish in your apartment.

1. Modern X: Go bold with this black and white X pattern that boasts a touch of neon green right in the center. We bet it’ll make you want to hang out in your bedroom more often. (via Christa’s Quilts)

2. Trifecta: This pattern-friendly quilt is made up of triangles. Choose similar colors to create an ombre effect. (via Fons and Porter’s)

3. Plus Sign Quilt ($320): While we’re talking shapes, check out this plus-sign quilt! If you’re big on Scandinavian design, this will add a splash of minimalistic color to your beautiful abode.

4. Color Study Coral ($1,600): Denyse Schmidt’s quilts aren’t cheap, but if there’s ever been someone we’d call a quilt artist, she’s the one. There’s a reason she’s commissioned for special projects on the regular, and seeing her work on display at a museum isn’t all that uncommon.

5. Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt ($149): While old quilts boasted lots of pastel hues, quilts that feel relevant to our lifestyles now go with contemporary colors to keep your bedroom contemporary cool.

6. Modern Geometric Quilt ($115): This design might be labeled geometric but it certainly reminds us of mountains, making this quilt the perfect modern bedspread for your cabin-styled home.

7. Boardwalk Quilt ($365): Another of our favorite quilt makers, Hopewell design workshop is operated by two young women, Eliza Kenan and Claire Oswalt. When you get an eyeful of their quilts, it should come as no surprise that one is an art director and the other is a trained fine artist.

8. DIY Rainbow Stripes ($7): Here is beauty. Here is fashion. Here is rainbow. Here is ombre! If you know your way around a needle, get to it.

9. DIY Resonance ($12): Keep it subtle with a bunch of gray orbs floating around your feet at night.

10. Modern Quilt ($325): The name pretty much sums it up. Simple shapes and the right color palette are all you need to get there.

11. Black and White Modern Quilt ($450): Very similar to a rug from IKEA, you are sure to love the sleek nordic vibes this pattern is putting out.

12. Minimalista: Definitely couch worthy. (via Art Gallery Fabrics)

13. DIY Society6: This quilt was inspired by a print found on Society6. Follow this 25-year-old blogger’s advice, and you too could be wrapping up in this beauty before the end of winter. (via Blu Print Textiles)

14. Striped Quilt ($140): Spread it in the grass and enjoy your sandwiches in the sunshine while it lasts.

15. Migration Quilt: This simple design is named for the migration of flying geese. We can see it — can you? (via SDE Quilts)

16. Tangerine Ladders ($155): This is just one example of the magic that this stitch wizard is crafting up. Get over to her Etsy page to view her whole collection. Then, spend the next hour trying to narrow it down to just one that you absolutely need.

17. Pixel Quilt: Any gamer would be thrilled to cover up with this diamond pixel quilt. (via Melanie Falick Books)

18. Graphic Baby Quilt ($155): Who can resist a mini quilt?!?!

19. Rebel Quilt: Neon for the win! Those bright shades manage to brighten up the simplest room. (via Libs Elliott)

20. Herringbone Quilt: Let’s go classic with this herringbone quilt pattern. We’re all about the popping yellow border. (via Crafty Blossom Handmade)

21. Triangle Quilt: Make it small for your kid or big for you. When you’re DIYing the choice is up to you. (via See Kate Sew)

Are you a quilter? Did you inherit any family quilts that have modern patterns? Let us know below!