Gone are the days when everyone had a handmade quilt and that is a little sad. There is something special about colored patches of fabric lovingly stitched together to create a work of art that you would treasure for generations. However, life may not allow you the luxury of creating your own baby quilt, so we’ve rounded up 17 soft and cozy quilts that you can proudly put on your kids’ beds.

1. Soft Graphics ($90): Oo, look at the super soft lining on this quilt! Two words: Co.zy.

2. Equilateral Triangles ($380): No roundup would be complete without at least one ombre representative.

3. Gray Herringbone ($245): An elegant monochromatic quilt would make a great baby shower gift.

4. Geometric Quilt ($275): Not all quilts have to be straight lines, made up of patchwork triangles and squares — how fun is a quilt with curved lines?

5. Rugby Stripes ($169): Big bold stripes are perfect for a boy’s room.

6. Twinkle Twinkle ($225): Part of the charm of this handmade quilt are those big, crooked stars.

7. Gray Geometry ($225): You can’t go wrong with gray, especially if you’re not sure of the gender of the new baby.

8. Rainbow Colors ($189): For the little color lover in your life, this rainbow quilt will make them smile.

9. Black And White ($109): Made out of organic cotton and bamboo sherpa, this gender neutral quilt is super soft.

10. Kissing Llama ($90): Made of the softest cotton, we like the mix of big and little red chevron patches.

11. Nautical Shapes ($159): Navy and blue is always a classic choice for a baby nursery.

12. Elephant Parade ($93): A little hipster and a little modern, this is a very trendy baby quilt.

13. Color Blocked ($277): Harness only good energy with these cheerful colors.

14. Geometric Pinwheel ($155): Minimalism is king, but we love that one periwinkle triangle.

15. Tangerine Blocks ($155): Keep things simple and boxy with this vibrant orange quilt.

16. Sunset Beach ($159): No, it’s not homemade, but those colors are just fabulous.

17. Southwestern Influence ($195): Feeling like a desert sunset, this quilt would look great in a guy or girl room.

Would any of these quilts go in your kids’ rooms? Let us know in the comments below!