As a parent, your highest priority is to keep your little one safe, happy and comfortable. Of course, this is easier said than done when your child isn’t old enough to communicate how he or she feels. In addition to being a full-time parent, you might become a part-time detective as you try to decipher whether that gurgle, cry or coo means that your baby feels hot, cold or just right. Fortunately, you have an ally in Hoko, a portable comfort monitor that keeps kids cozy and you sane, even when you’re on the go.


The Hoko may look like an ordinary toy, but its plush body is actual a comfort indicator attached to a powerful temperature and moisture sensor. When you slip the sensor into your child’s clothing and activate it through an easy switch, Hoko measures temperature and humidity levels between the layers of your baby’s clothing. You don’t have to be fluent in baby talk to interpret Hoko’s findings, either. The plush indicator communicates the collected data to you through intuitive, color-coded LEDs that blink based on your child’s comfort level. Red means that your tyke is feeling too hot, blue too cold, yellow too humid and green indicates that the battery needs a boost. Based on Hoko’s wisdom, you can add or remove layers from your little one’s outfit. Once your baby is snug as a bug in a rug, you’ll see a white light signaling that all is well.


Having a Hoko is like having a personal nanny who not only comforts your baby 24/7, but also travels with your family at no extra cost. Whether you pack the Hoko on long-distance family trips by plane, car or boat or simply on days out when the weather is uncertain, the Hoko will keep an eye on Junior even when you can’t. By continuously monitoring and reporting on his or her needs, the Hoko can prevent discomfort and tantrums from cutting your family excursions short. In addition, every Hoko monitor comes packaged in a book of fun outdoor antics and stories to keep you and your bundle of joy immersed in nature and each other’s company for hours.


Hoko is the creative baby of Didier Lortie and Nicolas Plourde, two born adventurers and friends with a desire to help fellow parents plan outdoor excursions without stressing over the wellbeing of their children. If you want to support Didier and Nicolas in their mission to take the guesswork out of parenting, head over to their Kickstarter campaign and pledge $55 or more to nab this baby in time for the holidays.

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(Photos via Hoko)