You’ve just mastered the ultimate braid and you want to keep the look all day long, but you aren’t the biggest fan of tacky hairspray. What are your other options to keep the look lasting all day when you don’t have time for a touch-up? Here, two ways to keep your hairstyle in place without using hairspray.


1. Go for a textured style. If you’re bound and determined to wear it down, just choose more of a beachy textured look — something that doesn’t require a lot of hold. Tousled waves are the ideal look. To achieve it, grab your fave styling gel, put a dollop in your hand and rub together. Remember, a little goes a long way. We like the scrunching technique (yup, ’90s scrunching!) This will give you a super laid-back look.


2. Wear an updo. Wearing your hair up (even half-up counts!) is your best bet for making it stay. If your daily grind requires a professional feel, this may be your look. Make sure this style begins with a good blow dry. Set the hair with pins, at least on the part and sides. The DNA of the hair can be reshaped and molded by heat, which helps the style last longer.

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How do you get a great hold? Let us know in the comments below!