The neighbors are putting up their lights and radio stations are playing those holiday hits, so we decided to hop on that holiday spirit with 11 holiday apps. From awesome holiday cookbooks to holiday e-cards, these apps will get you putting on your ugliest holiday sweater while pouring yourself a glass of eggnog.


1. Shyp: With this app, you can say goodbye to the post office during this holiday season. Skip the long lines and just download the app, take a picture of what you want to “Shyp” out and a Shyp Hero (epic, right?) will come to your rescue and take your items off your hands. Every Shyp Hero takes the goods back to their HQ, where they pack and send out your packages to anywhere worldwide. Also! If you want to add a little Brit glamour to your presents, there are two Brit + Co-designed wrapping papers available under their on-demand gift wrapping section. (Free on iOS and Android Beta)


2. Holiday Recipes and Party Planning Guide: Holiday potlucks coming up, but you have absolutely no idea what to bring? We’ve definitely been there. This app is a “cookbook on steroids” that not only offers delicious recipes from seasoned cooks but also provides video tutorials on techniques so you can become a seasoned cook too. ($3.99 on iOS)


3. Smoopa: Isn’t it the worst when you see something you already bought on sale? Especially during the season of giving, where you need every penny so that you can happily give more and more without destroying your wallet. Smoopa lets you search, browse and scan bar codes for items you’re looking for, and you can either purchase your items in-store or directly from the list of trusted online retailers. Our favorite feature is that Smoopa notifies you if an item you want drops below a certain price. How awesome is that? (Free on iOS)


4. Kayak Pro: So your flight is booked, your hotel is reserved, you’re all packed with the essentials and you’re ready to go. But what if your flight gets delayed… by eight hours? Or what if you need to rent a car, and by the time you get there, there aren’t any available within your price range? Kayak helps you manage your way around the least expected while helping you lay out your itinerary so it’s all smooth traveling. ($0.99 on iOS)


5. Flipp: Alright, Mom mode ON. Take out your scissors, grocery store flyers and ads and — oh wait! With Flipp, you can mark your clippings in-app and they’ll all go straight to your shopping list. But be careful! Just because certain items are on sale doesn’t mean it’s the best price. Make sure you get the best deals at the grocery store for your holiday meals using the discount slider feature. Slide the discount bar to 10% off and the app will highlight the best deals on the store flyers. (Free on iOS and Android)


6. Ink: Instead of taking pictures to upload to your Instagram, upload your holiday pictures to Ink. You can personalize your family’s holiday greeting cards with a wide-angled group selfie and some fun typography. It’s a quick and easy way to send out your greeting cards from your phone. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. Doodle Jump Christmas Special: How could we resist not adding this cute, iconic fellow from our holiday apps roundup? This app will definitely put the kids in a fun holiday mood. ($0.99 on iOS)


8. Fireplace: For those times when you want to relax and wind down, you need some mood setters. Candles, dim lighting or even your very own pocket fireplace will do the trick. ($0.99 on iOS and free on Android)


9. Path Talk: Whether you want to make holiday dinner reservations for you and your boo or find out if an item is in stock, you can use Path Talk to message stores and restaurants instantly. No more late-night drives in the wet and cold weather just to find out that what you trekked to Target for is out of stock… again. (Free on iOS)


10. NORAD Tracks Santa: Can’t wait until Santa gets here? Neither can we. This countdown app not only tracks when Santa will come, but it also lets you explore around the North Pole (it’s a live feed, obviously). (Free on iOS)


11. Bitmoji: When you read a funny text from your BFFL, why send the overused, “LOL” when you can send an emoji-fied picture of you laughing? Bitmoji lets you create a set of emoji caricatures of you which you can send using iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. Wish all your friends a happy holidays with your emoji-fied face! (Free on iOS and Android)

Which apps got you into the holiday spirit? What’s your go-to holiday app? Tell us in the comment below!